West Davidson Food Pantry truck stolen

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LEXINGTON, N.C. -- Workers at the West Davidson Food Pantry say someone stole the truck they use to transport food.

“I came around the corner and I noticed that my box truck was gone. After making a few phone calls, I realized my box truck was stolen,” said food pantry executive director Cody Milliron.

Milliron says they use the truck to bring food to the pantry and to kids in need at local elementary schools. That box truck was the only one they had.

“It makes me sad that we lost the truck, but I'm even more sad that people have to do that to make a living,” said Milliron.

People who regularly donate to the food pantry agree.

“I've been supporting them since they got started. To know that anybody gives them money to help other people that don't have anything or need help. It's just sad,” said Shelia Hickman.

Hickman says taking the truck doesn’t just hurt the pantry, it hurts the hundreds of families who depend on it.

However, Milliron says he is not holding a grudge.

“I really don't think negatively about the people. I know that they were probably in a situation in life where they thought this was their only option,” said Milliron.

Pantry workers ask whoever took the truck to bring it back with no questions asked.

The Davidson County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the theft.