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King middle schooler getting national attention for letter to rapper

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A letter written by a student at Chestnut Grove Middle School in King as part of a school project is getting some national attention after a photo of the letter was posted on Instagram.

The student was attempting to send a letter to A$AP Rocky, but it ended up at the Mishka office in New York City. The letter was featured by MTV, Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post and BET.

“I live in a small town called King in NC which is probably a place were you will never visit,” the student wrote in the letter.

“My favorite song in the world is wild for the night. I really wish you would send me your CD because I have looked for it but I can’t find it. So that would be greatly appreciated,” he wrote.

While there are some typos in the letter, it shows just how aware young fans are of their idols’ lives – the good and bad.


  • Wed.

    I agree with you 100%. Of all the people this child could look up to this is who he chooses; a street thug who happens to be in the music business.

    As for the letter…that just makes me sick. This letter was written for a grade. Did the teacher see it before it was sent? If so, why did she/he not have this student fix it first? Did the teacher even realize that anything was wrong with it?
    I wonder what the grade was?

  • Dan

    It is a printed out letter. It is bad enough that the teacher didn’t make the student correct things before mailing, but how did the typos and misspellings even get by the word processor used to compose the letter???

    • Wed.

      “Posted on: 9:35 am, December 4, 2013, by Web Staff, updated on: 12:29pm, December 4, 2013”

      What is sad is that whoever on the “web staff”, who wrote this, thought the only problem with the letter was a few typos.

  • Kim

    Unbelievable in so many aspects: middle school children idolizing rappers using such foul and despicable language, rappers influencing our youth to live like animals, teachers not demanding more from their students… heartbreaking.

  • angie sealey

    This is terrible and my child goes here. This does not make our school look good at all! I have been asking myself a lot lately what these schools are teaching our kids, correct grammar and writing/spelling skills is not one of them :( Very sad and disturbing….indeed! The saddest part about Stokes County period is majority of the adults that went to school in this county do not know how to spell!

    • mkh

      Before you decide to complain on an open forum about our schools not teaching our children proper grammar, you should probably do a spell check and check you grammar and phrasing. I’m just saying…your comment might not be the guide for children to go by!

      • mkh

        To “WOW”: You’re absolutely right! I made a mistake in my spelling. I made it all on my own…it had nothing to do with my Stokes County education. See how easy that is people. Mistakes are made every day and I can freely admit to mine without trying to blame someone else; especially the teachers who worked so hard to give me my Stokes County education. To all of my teachers, I would like to say “Thank you for my Stokes County education.”. Even with the bad reputation that everyone seems to think our county schools have, I managed to graduate from college and get a good job so I guess that they did something right!

  • Disgruntled Educator


    Before you choose to bash the teachers, please edit your own response. If I were your teacher, I would give you a D. You lack cohesion, your thoughts are scattered, your response is not edited, you have fragments throughout, and I don’t understand your point.

    Please understand that the child was given an assignment. The child is in middle school. It will have errors. That is what school is for: learning. I am sure that the teacher extended this assignment or incorporated this assignment for a purpose. It is not our job to fix all of the errors. If we went around editing everything for everyone, we wouldn’t be able to sleep at night because the work would never end. Your response is a perfect point, and look at you! You were able to post a comment about an editorial despite the fact that you lack proper grammar and mechanical skills. Teachers teach concepts one at a time. If we focused on EVERYTHING that was wrong in that letter, the child would walk away devastated and frustrated, and that is not my goal as an educator. My goal is to support their learning in the ways that I know how. It seems to me that the point of the letter was “How to Write a Letter”.

    Do not blame the educators or the school system of a particular county for the fact that you didn’t understand concepts that were intentionally presented and explicitly taught to you when you were a child. You want to praise the social studies teachers? Those are the teachers who were given a job so the school could have a coach, which fully explains why you praise them. Academics weren’t important to you, which is evident in your inability to articulate your thoughts clearly.

    Instead of bashing teachers or Stokes County, let’s understand that this is a child who is learning how to articulate his or herself. Let’s appreciate the effort. Let’s understand that there were many things taught that you didn’t observe because you are not a part of the instruction. Let’s ask why the child chooses to idolize a person who beats others. Let’s ask what’s being upheld in the HOME, which is where EDUCATION starts.

    Stokes County and teachers are NOT the problem. Get it together America! By the way, I’m not a teacher in Stokes County, but would be proud to be one if that were the case.

  • Angie

    Its not just Stokes County that has education issues. My kindergartner was expected to know everything that a kindergartner should. All before he started school. My fourth grader can barely read and the teacher doesnt pay me any mind when I tell her this. And I’m in Davidson. So you see its not just one area.

    • Bev

      My granddaughter is in the 1st grade in Davidson and is suppose to know how to write complete sentences with proper punctuations. Her teacher is fresh out of college and has no idea how to teach.

      • Stephen Melton

        And that is a problem how exactly?
        As a product of the Davidson school system, I already knew the things your child is expected to know before I set foot in a classroom. I did not attend Kindergarten and did not need to. My parents insured that I was able to do most tasks that many teens can not do today.
        I may not be the most well versed, or articulate person, but I cant imagine parents today just throwing their kids into a school and not being active in their education.
        My wife is a former educator, who also home schooled her daughter. In this day and age of so called public education, it seems that if a parent is genuinely concerned about their childs education, you have to either home school, or go private…and even then, thats no guarantee if you as a parent are not doing your job.
        The article, states that this is a middle school student. My grandson in the 3rd Grade could, and does, write with a bit more concern about the topic and is worried about falling into the your VS you’re mistakes.

        Back to your complaint: You state that the teacher has no idea how to teach. Care to elaborate on this? First year teachers do tend to have a curve to get past, as do any first year employee of most any sort of occupation. With the vast majority of parents throwing their children at the “system” and then complaining when a teacher seems to fail the student, one must ask: Just how much time does the parent spend with the student to insure that the teachers job is complete?
        If you expect ANY teacher to raise your child, in an environment such as a classroom with 30 to 45 others all expecting the same thing, then you can rest assured, you have gotten what you paid for.
        If on the other hand, you do as many, if not most of our parents did as we were growing up, and take proactive steps in your childs education, then you can be assured that when the time comes in class to be prepared, and have some sort of comprehension of the task at hand, your child is already there.
        I have a feeling that your teacher in question may actually expect parents to take part in their childrens education. Public school is hard enough, but its obvious to those of us that came through the system, got made fun of due to being fat, (I was, not overweight, I was plain fat) got made fun of for not paying attention and giving answers that were not on topic, went hunting after class with the rifles we had in the trunk or back glass of the pick up..wore the wrong clothes and never could seem to get it together till years later…and turned out fine, didnt go on rampages killing others, didnt go eat a bullet because the day went bad, or someone called us a name….that something is wrong with the way things are now….and its not all the teachers.
        Bottom line…the students in the schools are not just products of the public school system. They are also products of what goes on at home. At that age, to condemn a single student or a teacher for such a letter, would be wrong, and missing out on much more, and of course, its not just NC, or one particular county system to blame. This sort of thing happens every day, in classrooms all over the country..but somehow, Im sure that the same child can whip out his cell phone that mom and dad bought them and fire off a dozen tweets, or Facebook posts that us old fogies cant read, but their friends can make out fine….go figure.

    • Really?

      Wow! You were expected, as a parent, to teach your child something before they were enrolled in school? That is truly amazing!

  • Vicki Clark Harmon

    God help me If I ever find my grandkids writing a letter to some crappy rapper with a background like that..and who is probably still doing all that stuff..Glad my grands listen to music…

  • jd

    If this story had an objective I totally missed it. I don’t even listen to rap but feel “stupider” already.



  • TSH

    My child currently goes to CGMS. I have had 2 daughters come through there. The staff at the school is just like any other business, you have some great teachers, and you have some sorry ones. My child is in this class and he chose to write to Jason Aldean. He did say that there was no spell check on the website that they used. He also shared with me that the boy comes from a real bad family. Lets quit judging and start praying. Our society is in a bad place and only getting worse. I am embarrassed for the teacher, class, school, and county over this. I am also trying real hard not to judge, but to teach my own children right from wrong and hope they make the right decisions.

    • Travis

      You claim to make no judgments, yet you credit your sons theory of the kid being from a “bad” family?
      If you people can’t see the problems in the bass ackwards wanna-be perfect christian state of NC, then I feel sorry for you. Here’s yet one more prime example.
      You’re idiots.

    • jhb

      There are many factors to consider. How about considering how to improve schools overall in NC? How about instead of publically saying he comes from a “real bad family”, that a community reach out and help the children of Stokes County BEFORE a story like this emerges. You state he comes from a “real bad family”, if this is true, that would be the case before and after he wrote the letter correct? Stokes county (and any other) needs to stop making excuses, laying blame and correct the educational as well as the judicial systems. Statements of outrage, and embarrassment are warranted. Are residents more concerned about being embarrassed that Stokes County is receiving negative attention because of who this child chose to write , or concerned about EVERY child receiving an adequate education? Individuals seem to be in amazement as to the perception of Stokes County. It’s not perception, it’s reality. Now that King in particular is being singled out, and truths are emerging, residents are defensive and judgmental as expected.

    • mkh

      I have had one child go through this school and I have another one who is currently enrolled there. My husband and I also went to Stokes County schools. Wow, I even graduated, went to college and now work for a fortune 500 company making pretty good money! It’s not all about the education that we receive, it is also about how we choose to use it. There are a lot of kids that just do what they can to get by. They are not interested in learning what the teachers are trying to drill into their brains. It is also not just this county. We have friends in other counties whose teenage children ask my sixth grader how to spell words that they should have learned in elementary school. We, as parents, need to spend more time with our children and help them as much as we can. It is not all the teacher’s responsiblity for our children to be educated!

  • Allison

    First of all I would like to say that this child does NOT come from a BAD family. Do you personally know them? Have you met them before? Get the full story and know what you are judging about first if that is what you choose to do. Lies, Rumors and noisy personal opinions destroy people. Has anyone ever stopped to think about the negative comments and how they may hurt this family? No…why? Because it is not something you agree with. We all have likes and dislikes, certain beliefs…etc….. Stop judging people and keep your mouth shut about someone unless you have facts. It upsets me terribly that the Stokes County School system is also being ridiculed for this letter and the first thing said is…oh there you go …stupid Stokes County again…You think other counties and states don’t have issues in their schools? It is a part of life folks. Stop blaming others for things you don’t support or like. Wake up in the morning and be positive and try to give back to society instead of complaining about everything and judging others lives. Also, Do you truly think this boys mother is a bad person because she let her child listen to this music? If you do not personally know about this family, don’t be so quick to stereotype and judge because it is a rapper using cuss words in a song. That does not make her a bad mother. That is judging. Be a better person and stop spreading rumors and things that you know nothing about. Thanks!

    • Stephen Melton

      Bad, is subjective. If you would allow your middle school student to listen to such complete and utter trash at an age such as that, thats your choice, but to some of us, its garbage. Those neat stickers that Tipper Gore had put on CDs and real vinyl back in the 80s with parental warnings are probably the one and only thing I agree with that she did..altho I didnt at the time of course.
      You should be ashamed of the district for allowing that letter to go out as it did. Back when we actually had to use a pen and paper, not an inkjet and paper, to write letters to those we looked up to, our teachers proofread, and let us know with big red circles and corrections and we had to fix it prior..its part of the learning process…
      As far as giving back to society, part of that is to mentor your children and make them productive and educated members of said society, and that falls upon the parents….not just the educator…or the system. This isnt a problem just in Stokes, or NC but nationwide. A parent should be proactive in their childs education and be part of it, not throwing them into the system and expecting a Yale graduate in 12 years…
      As far as the choice of the students letter….we had to do something similar back when I was in middle school and at the time, we didnt have such garbage…we had other garbage..I think the groups that made parents cringe at the time would have been those like AC-DC and Kiss….maybe Queen and Alice Cooper….most of the students in that particular class wrote to folks like NASCAR drivers, or Senators, perhaps a few wrote off to those in the music industry, but at the time, again, we didnt have such noise then..
      When the hip hop-rap industry changed for the worse, was when Two Live Crew came out…and went mainstream. It was pure garbage then, and its pure garbage now, but, it set the tone for what was yet to come.

  • Debbie

    Teachers are there to teach but its up to the parents to raise our kids with morals. So many parents are so quick to blame the school and teachers when in reality its our jobs to guide our children. This assignment could of been a homework assignment so why didn’t the parents read the letter before it was mailed? My two daughters went to an over crowded public school but I did my part to make sure they got the education they would need to go on to college. To assume this child comes from a bad family is absurd. My biggest concern about the letter is who this child has chose to idolize. I personally think this whole thing has gotten blown out of proportion.

  • adam

    I dont know why this is news, but Im sure the kids arent getting lessons on rappers in middle school. 95% of things kids learn comes from home. I wouldnt even let my kids listen to anything on 107.5, its all garbage.

  • N. rayner

    I agree with this educator. “But”, parents along with society in general are supposed to be raising and teaching our future. How about doing this job with a little responsibility.

  • SCB

    To everyone badmouthing the schools, I just have one question:

    If you were treated the same way we (NC) have treated our teachers this year at your own job, how hard would you work?

  • Dafuq I jus read?

    Good to see so many concerned citizens like myself weighing in on the most important news story in forever!!!

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