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Electric car owner jailed for stealing 5 cents worth of electricity

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHAMBLEE, Ga. — A Georgia man was arrested in November for stealing five cents worth of electricity to charge his electric vehicle at a middle school where his 11-year-old son was playing tennis, according to WXIA.

According to the report, Kaveh Kamooneh drove his Nissan Leaf to Chamblee Middle School and took the liberty of charging his vehicle with an exterior power outlet at the school.

Within a few minutes of Kamooneh plugging up his car an officer, Sgt. Ernesto Ford, arrived.

In the officer’s report, Kamooneh was described as being uncooperative.

Kamooneh told WXIA he charged his car for 20 minutes, drawing about a five cents worth of electricity. Don Francis of Clean Cities Atlanta, an electric vehicle advocacy group, says the estimate of five cents is accurate.

Kamooneh was not arrested on the spot. The officer filed a police report and 11 days passed before officers came to arrest the man at his home in Decatur, Ga.

Records show Kamooneh spent more than 15 hours in the DeKalb County Jail.

“A theft is a theft,” Sgt. Ford said. When asked if he’d make the arrest again, he answered: “Absolutely.”



      • FaithC

        A public drinking fountain is there for public use, I plug in my charger in places like starbucks and use their wifi because they make it clear it is there for their customers to use.

  • Nica

    There needs to be a third option other than justified or excessive, possibly “too stupid for words”.

    In the statement issued by the police, they say that the driver “didn’t apologize”. Which implies that problem wasn’t the outlet, but that the cop didn’t like what the guy had to say. It’s obvious, and ridiculous, and that’s why it’s getting news coverage that has the whole department as the butt of the joke. If it was about enforcing the law, then the police would be regularly policing outlets on city property. And this charge wouldn’t be seen as outrageous and comical.

    If this makes it to court, and every tax payer should demand a refund if it does, then the betting odds are the evidence implies this is about a cop’s ego and not school property.

      • Casey Lester

        This is not a classic case of “stealing is stealing” People need to realize that their is a gray area and not every situation can be seen as black or white. Amazes me as to how bad people can get their panties in a bun.

      • Chucky1992

        Clearly you have the minority opinion here. I think it is a waste of time to prosecute someone for using .05 of power at a public building. I work in a courthouse and see people plug in phones and laptops on a daily basis. They are not charged and most of them pay some sort of fees or taxes while in the building to begin with. I think we consider that a part of doing business. It does cost more than .05 to arrest, transport and try a case for something like that however and we cannot afford as a society to waste money and precious court resources over such trivial things like that.

    • Stephen Melton

      So its ok that he literally stole, no matter the amount. If and this is a big IF, he had pumped .05 worth of fuel, AKA, gasoline, and drove off, here in NC you lose your licence….but its ok to steal from a school.
      Sgt. Ford did what you want him to do…arrest those who steal, or otherwise break the law. What you FAIL to realize is that any cop can make exception, like when you get pulled over for speeding and you get nothing but a warning, or a fix it ticket instead of a full blown ticket. Attitude goes a long way, with anyone, in any profession.
      Get an attitude and make a big deal out of being questioned about it, after someone obviously called the police, and Im sure, that the police will react in kind….
      I guess you are one of those that just cant seem to get along with the police when you are detained for any reason, legit or not….and all your experiences have been negative…

      • Stephen Melton

        tool? Uh..chicky, Ive never had an issue with those that work for me, oh…perhaps that because I wasnt raised with my hand out and thinking that taking ANYTHING that wasnt mine was ok…
        Whatever….go on and live in your fantasy world bitching about those you think are there to protect you and if you ever need them, dont call…no need to as they might just arrest you right?

  • FaithC

    All of you who think this is stupid or silly or no big deal, what if he took just little something from your home. Or took just a little of your gas from your car…how would you all feel then?

    • Casey Lester

      This is a totally different situation. Schools are public and I imagine he didn’t even think about it when he plugged his car in. Its not like he pulled up to a gas station and got gas and then didn’t pay as he drove off. Its not like there was a separate energy meter that would bill him as he charged his car.

    • Casey Lester

      Mike Alscack, you make your comments because you don’t understand the opportunities that electric vehicles can create. I wont argue that we have plenty of gasoline supplies today, but its going fast, prices will rise and electricity is going to happen whether you join the wagon or not. Im far from an environmentalist but I do realize that electricity is more efficient and possesses much more power and energy than any gas or diesel engine on the market.

  • Mack Mobarakbad

    The Name And His look Give me enough reason That He got arrested because He is from IRAN.He wouldnt have been arrested if his name was Mike and Was Born and raised here.

    • dON pEPPER

      This happened in Georgia. It would have never happened if he had been fom the good olde boys club. His skin is darker.

  • Tax Paying Citizen

    Were I this guy I would be at that school calling the police on every single person I saw plugging ANYTHING into an outlet.

  • tina viers

    this is so stupid!…..and i believe it was just another case of the cop abusing his athority!!.by taking this to court , the cop is stealing more than 5 cents from taxpayers!!

    • Chucky1992

      Stupid, maybe, a waste of resources, yes but the officer is not stealing anything… he’s paid to do his job. The wasted time and money spent to prosecute over .05 worth of power is really dumb thoughl.

  • Mike

    Let me get this straight, a taxpayer who has paid into the system for years, where the money goes to support education but mostly it goes towards the teachers’ salaries, benefits and pensions, they are charging him with theft? What about charging the bad teachers across the nation, who cannot teach, some are child molesters, and it is next to impossible to fire them because of their union, these people are stealing MILLIONS in taxpayer money!

  • peter

    Forget about the dummy plugging his car in.The outlet should never been live. Site the school for endangering the kids. Just ticket the loudmouth & let him fight it in court, but for the cops to say I would do it again. I don’t think they went to a smart school.

  • Debbie

    The is an obvious case of a cop with an ego. Who in their right mind would arrest someone for using an outlet? I was just taking up for cops on an different story and saying how everyone ahould respect them. I can see now why there was so many negative comments made towards police officers.

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