‘Delay times have decreased’ for Healthcare.gov

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- After two months of frustrations with the healthcare.gov website, some people in Greensboro say they are finally successfully buying health coverage online start to finish.

Maria Townsend is the Marketing Director for The Insurance Store off South Holden Road in Greensboro.

When the website first launched in October, they were having issues with the website kicking out users, shutting down, and failing to log in properly.

But now Townsend says things are going much more smoothly. "The delay times have decreased, and we're actually getting people signed up. It's not kicking us out anymore. It's accepting our usernames and passwords, and we feel very confident about using it."

Hellen Olaiya came in today to sign up for health insurance. Townsend said the process takes about an hour.

"It is a great relief for myself and my daughter," explained Olaiya, a single mother who is self-employed and helping put her daughter through college. "I think this insurance is going to be great. It's going to give middle class privileges, the self-employed people like me the privilege to go to the hospital."

Olaiya was hospitalized in June, and says the experience made her realize her current insurance was not enough.

"After the insurance payment, I still have a bill of about $2,400," she explained. Olaiya said her monthly costs and out-of-pocket fees will be much less with the new insurance she bought on the Marketplace.

"I'm very excited," she added.

Dec. 23 is the new deadline to sign up for Marketplace coverage that will start Jan. 1, 2014. Open Enrollment is through March 31.

Townsend pointed out, "It doesn't cost you anything extra to work with an agent like us but you have to understand people are ahead of you in line so you want to get it done."


  • FaithC

    Yes, and once you get in you will find out that you can not afford your new coverage, you get less for paying more and you can no longer go to the doctor of your choice.

    Keep in mind the entire time that if you were here illegally and breaking the law, you could have it all for free.

  • dobydog1

    wow the front end may be faster but there is still no security for your data. I also understand the back end has not been completed so there are problems with the data going to insurance companies and there is no way to get money to the companies to pay for policies. imagine the surprise many people will get when they go to a doctor next year and find that they do not have insurance after all.

  • Judy

    It might also be nice if they had even thought about how they’re going to pay the insurance companies! What a total mess. I feel sorry for people that don’t realize what their monthly premiums and deductibles are going to be and that they have to pay all this out of their pocket before this “insurance” will pay a penny!

  • jliles1205

    Your parent company just announced millions of ocare signups will find out on January 1 that they don’t have coverage.

  • FaithC

    But don’t you all feel great knowing that your tax dollars are going to give healthcare to illegals for free.

    Higher taxes, higher health insurance fees with less coverage…all you people who voted for this clown…how is that working for you now?

    I am not talking to the illegals and welfare queens, I know it is working great for you.

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