Elkin police respond to YouTube Walmart incident

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ELKIN, N.C. — Elkin police have responded to a YouTube video that apparently shows dozens of shoppers scuffling over flat-screen TVs Thursday at a Walmart Supercenter.

The video was uploaded on Thanksgiving and had more than six million views as of Saturday morning.

It shows a tussle between shoppers around 8 p.m. at the Super Wal-Mart at 548 CC Camp Road. Numerous people appear to be pushing and shoving each other.

One man can be seen throwing another person to the ground. Several people have said he could have been helping another person off the floor.

Elkin police said it happened after a Walmart associate told the customers they could start taking the TVs.

Within about 30 seconds, police said they saw an individual raise her hands and yell for help. Police said officers came over and saw people getting up off the floor.

Police said some shoppers were upset with each other because of the pushing and shoving.

Elkin police said no one was arrested or charged in the incident. Police said they talked to everyone involved and they all agreed there was no malicious intent for anyone to be harmed.

Elkin police said they had two off duty police officers working security at the Walmart at the time. Police said the officers responded to the situation as quickly as possible to help.* The man who shot the video claims they did nothing to intervene.

Andy Glass, a loss-prevention manager at the Walmart store, declined to comment on the videos or the incident and referred questions to the Walmart’s corporate headquarters in Bentonville, Ark.

Kayla Whaling, a Walmart spokeswoman, said the company is investigating the scuffle, which she described as an isolated incident.

“It wasn’t a representation of the experience at our other stores (Thursday) night,” Whaling said. “Overall, we received a good response from our customers and associates at over 4,000 stores across the country.”

The man who said he shot the video, Brian Spain, wrote on YouTube that he was asked to leave the store because he recorded the incident. Spain is a filmmaker from New York who was visiting family in North Carolina for the holidays, according to Bloomberg.

Whaling didn’t respond to an email asking if Spain’s statement was accurate.

The incident in Surry County was one of several violent clashes among shoppers at stores and malls in the United States. Other incidences have recently been reported at stores in Virginia, California and New Jersey.

The Winston-Salem Journal contributed to this report

*Click here to read an official statement from Elkin police on the incident


  • Irene Carmen

    “Kayla Whaling, a Walmart spokeswoman, said the company is investigating the scuffle, which she described as an isolated incident.”
    It was not an isolated incident. Lexington Walmart had a few incidents as well. I was by the small appliances when they were trampling this lady in front of me. I finally got between them and her before she got hurt! There was fight at the RCA tablets so bad that the manager had to take the display to the back! So Walmart don’t try to downplay what you want but is was not any better this year than any other years!

  • Stacy Underwood

    They need to do like our Walmart in Reidsville, NC did. You got in line. The first 200 people got a wrist band and when 8pm hit u paod for your tv and then drove around back and got the tv. It helped cut down on fights and shoplifting. It was a better time.

    • Michelle Pearson

      when it came to the TV’s (i dont know about anything else) Wal-mart in Lexington made you form a line and they gave out wristbands for the number of TV’s they had and gave guarantee cards to those who didnt get a wristband……….They did not put them on the floor for you to just grab !!

  • Lynn

    Best solution – stay home – shop online – same prices. Available in usually a couple of days – many different retailers as well!

  • Luther Barber

    Elkin Police needs to view this video. (The officers responded as quick as they could.) They must have been standing in gorilla Glue because the video shows them just standing there with their arms crossed…

  • Scott Felts

    I’m originally from Yadkin County. We now live in New Bern NC and this video is all over the web and on the news. To know that a area I grew up and spent most of my life people can act like this sickens me deeply.However this went on at many other Walmarts including here in New Bern. This was not by far a isolated incident because it goes to show people can be idiots anywhere! And anyone stupid enough to go shopping on Black Friday or now on Brown Thursday “Thanksgiving”are all top of the list idiots!

    • Belle_Deviante

      And that is why I do not participate in BF. I would have kicked that guy so hard in the nut sack and not just once. I would have beat him with that sponge bob onsie too. So I prefer to watch the videos in the comfort of my own home. (>‿◠)✌

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