Man gives away Christmas trees after truck breaks down in Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — A man began giving away Christmas trees in Greensboro after he said his truck broke down Friday morning.

Michael Farmer said was hauling more than 200 trees to his lot on Cone Boulevard when his truck broke down in a parking lot on Wendover Avenue.

A tow truck driver agreed to tow the truck, but couldn’t with all the trees.

Farmer said he couldn’t sell them from the parking lot, so he gave them away.

Farmer says he estimated the value of the trees at $15,000.


  • Larry Sowder

    The pics also showed jerks shoving 2 or 3 in the trunks also, There will always be jerks standing by to take advantage of others problems, Where were the volunteers at to haul some of his trees for him to his lot, If I was in the area, I would have offered to at least haul what I could for him, Our Nation is almost lost forever

    • Transcender

      The guy needed to unload the trees quickly so he could have his truck towed. I don’t think the tow-truck driver would have stayed all day while he handed them out one at a time. I’d like to think that the people who were taking more than one, were taking them to where they would be needed.It would be a happy surprise for someone who is only making minimum wage, to find a tree at their door. :)

  • Pat Snider-Odum

    Bless this man. Problem is my hubby was a t Sam’s club and saw all the ruckus and went and looked and people were like vulchers!! He said people were shoving 2 to 5 trees in their cars, basically whatever would fit. He said it was a real sad scene. People will always be greedy. I like the author above would like to hope they gave em to the needy but we all know that does not happen in America. I can guarantee you the greedy folks sold them to someone else.

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