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‘Fight’ breaks out over TVs at Walmart in Elkin

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Video credit: @soidecidedto

A video posted to YouTube on Thanksgiving appears to show a screaming mob fighting over televisions at a Walmart in Elkin.

The video shows at least several people crowded around the televisions, when several people start pushing and shoving each other.

One man is seen throwing another to the ground and a woman’s voice is heard repeatedly screaming “Oh my God!”

Several police officers stood nearby but didn’t intervene. Eventually, a Walmart worker appeared to break up the fight.

The man who posted the video says he was kicked out of the store for recording the video.


  • C. Jennings

    The woman that he goes back to get is the one screaming “oh my God”, it looks like is he is panicked and trying to get people off of her. I dont excuse him for what the did to other people, but I am sure my husband would do the same if he heard my yelling.

  • MickeyJim

    Ahhh yes, tax free weekend in August was the time to shop…After that was the Labor Day sales…So less stressful and humane.

  • tkt


  • Sherry Neely

    I stopped Black Friday Shopping in Elkin at Wal Mart years ago when they were in the old building because of how rude and violent people were. I was pushed by a lady and had things grabbed out of my buggy and the Wal Mart workers would ask you to form a line and then hand things all around them to people they knew where the people in line got nothing. I said no more…..and yes this was our little town of ELKIN!

  • Amorosa

    I love how security was so worried about the recording and not providing order. At first view, I thought the guy in red was being super aggressive but he was helping the blond lady out, and it’s ridiculous at the end where the one lady still follows her and hits her or something and tries to start another fight! Typical.

  • Jody

    Good deals are good deals; however, there has to be a more orderly way to handle these sales. A suggestion: put all sale Iitems in the fenced garden center and allow the first 100 people in…then when one leaves, another goes in. Really sad!

  • Chris

    Well leave it to the media to hype this out of per portion. He already had his tv. This wasn’t a case of excessive greed or ill intent. If my mother was on the ground being trampled, id be doing the same thing. Perhaps “fight” isn’t the best word to use Fox!

  • tarheelblueangel

    Please don’t judge all North Carolinians on these people….some of us stay home with our family and actually enjoy the day.:)

    • FaithC

      I could not have said it better myself. I agree with you. We stayed home enjoyed our family and had a great day and evening.

  • dexter22

    I can solve this one and it’s not illegal. Just carry your compact stun gun and shocj the s*** out of someone trying to act disorderly.

  • Max R. Pardon

    I heard that they were giving rain checks to those wanting the tv after they were sold out in the shopping frenzy. So there was no reason for fighting in the shopping season.

    • Max R. Pardon

      Also what I heard is that the rain check for the tv was just for last night. Fighting bad. Watching the Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Bobcats, and the Carolina Hurricanes play and x-specially win good.

  • Renee

    The man was clearly helping the older woman..he did what he had to do from the idiots..why put electronics out for people to dive into. Control it..our walmart had no issues people were pretty good and walmart actually ran things well other than dressing their employees in embarrassing yellow sacks!! One more time this man didn’t do anything a good person wouldn’t do..

  • Renee

    One more thing fox and other stations are just trying to start up drama. This was not a fight..this sort of thing’s certainly not a southern thing..

  • squash

    Yes, looks like he is helping some woman or women get a couple others off of them. He does ask the blonde woman if she is okay. The media likely has no intent to be fair about the man in this video, that wouldn’t create viewers and it’s all about viewership, not truths. Nothing like money to bring out the very worst of people, evidenced here. The same TV’s will sell for the same price at other times during the year at the same store.

  • Dean

    Here’s my opinion….the guy filming the video clip….is a film maker living in NYC….only in nc for the holiday. He has tried very hard to get this clip….picked up by all/any media that will give it notice. He’s wanting the clip to go viral. I saw on his twitter….he contacted a dozen different media outlets…trying to get air time for this clip. If I was the man that’s being falsely accused of being violent….I’d get a lawyer and sue the film maker….and I’d sue wal mart too. That’s why they don’t want video being taken in their business. It’s a liability to them.

  • Janet Roberts

    I too shopped Wal Mart in Elkin 2 years ago, and was trampled to the floor on top of the display of phones. I was 57 years old at the time, and that was my LAST year of shopping Black Friday at Wal Mart. I would rather pay full price than get trampled by greedy people.

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