What do kids think about Thanksgiving?

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Depending on who you ask, the story of the first Thanksgiving could be one of several different versions.

So what do children have to say about the holiday?

Andrew Ramos spoke to some students who broke down the Turkey Day facts .. and even taught him a thing or two.


  • James Rhodes

    When in the HELL are you people going to learn correct syntaX??????????????? The above article SHOULD read “Depending on WHOM you ask…You’re DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • foooey

    Most think its a day to celebrate turkeys, since everyone wants to call it “Turkey Day” now. REALLY irritates me.

  • dewey

    Thanksgiving….one more over-commercialized holiday that would be “moveable” on the calender if the National Retail Association had anything to do with it…..as useless as Xmas

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