TV show host slammed after killing African lion

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A TV host is facing criticism after she killed an African lion and tweeted a picture of herself smiling next to its corpse.

GrindTV reported that an online petition was started to try to ban Melissa Bachman from South Africa, the country where she killed the lion.

Bachman is a big game hunter and TV personality from Minnesota who has made a living out of hunting animals around the world.

She tweeted the picture earlier this month, with the words “An incredible day hunting in South Africa! Stalked inside 60-yards on this beautiful male lion…what a hunt!”

The photo was retweeted more than 1,000 times and shared on Facebook more than 2,300 times after it was posted to her page.

A petition requesting that Bachman be denied future entry to South Africa was started after she shared the photo. The petition has more than 400,000 supporters.

Hunting lions in South Africa is not illegal with the proper permits. The Maroi Conservancy facilitated Bachman’s lion hunt and said meat from hunted animals goes to a local community.

The African lion is considered “vulnerable,” which is one step above “endangered,” meaning the animal’s population is declining.

Killing a prime male lion like the one in the photo “disrupts the species,” according to Dr. Luke Hunter, the executive vice president of large cat conservation group Panthera.

Hunter said prime male lions guard their females from strange males taking over the pride and killing cubs. This means the death of a prime male lion can lead to the death of entire generations of lions.


  • Conan

    Well, as the story stated, the meat will be eaten. Now, why is she singled out when we all know this hunting goes on all the time. Not just her! Just because people see pictures and you think she is the only one who ever did this or ever will? Gimme a break. Banning her will not stop country supervised hunting. How about taking down all the wind generators that are killing endangered birds and eagles? No out cry about that.

    • Jason

      Melissa Bachman is an embarrassment to the USA. We too have canned hunting here in the US. I saw one such farm in Texas. Melissa has boasted that others should learn to enjoy the hunter’s lifestyle. I believe she should come to feel the pain of the animal’s she’s hunted. Ms. Bachman, and those possessing her mentality, are destroying our planet’s wildlife. And for what? So they can get a rush from killing. These people are definitely a few bricks short of a load. One day these people will realize they have left no legacy for people to remember. They will be forgotten forever. Good riddance to them all.

      • Robert

        I guess you have never ate chicken, turkey or enjoyed a ham dinner. Bypassed T-Bone or restaurants that seve meat. As long as it is legal and the meat is eaten, I see no difference. The Good Book provides that all is provided for our good.

  • Sandra

    I agree with Conan! It says it was for food ane of the other pics had a caption saying she was eating it. Animals are here for food. But I dont agree to kill just for sport.

    • Rick

      I think there are two kinds of hunters; Those who hunt to feed their families, and those who get a sick thrill from watching life leave the eyes of another living thing. The second type scares me to no end.

  • Bridgette Seal

    Melissa Bachman is killing for SPORT she could care less about if the meat is going to be eat or not! This must help her feel big & bad with a high powered scoop and rifle killing Gods beautiful animals! She should be ashamed!!! Karma will come back to you Melissa, what goes around comes around…Like the Circle of Life…that you know nothing about because your just all about SHOW and TELL…so glad I’m not like that!

    • hook278

      Do you people actually read the article or do you just see the picture and a women smiling next to an animal that had just been killed and say i dont like it so im going to belittle her??? All the meat went to an african community which means people get some food that may have had none…. It may be God’s beautiful creatures but what about the chicken or the cow? arent they just as beautiful as the lion? if you have such a problem with this then what about the slaughter houses where you get your meat from. And if you are going to pull up the religion card then maybe you should get your religions straight. Karma is hindu and god is christianity and the circle of life is lion king. Show and tell huh? what about all the things you show off around your house or whatever food you may have just cooked…. think before you speak people

      • Scott

        Yes idiot we read the article. The question is did you? Or did you stop reading the part where it stated that these Lions are on the declining species list and this kill can disrupt the life chain of many lions to come?

        Why don’t we let the Japenese slaughter what is left of Humpback whales for food? The last time I checked, cows and chickens were NOT a declining species.

        I have no problem with hunting and have done some myself. Mainly areas with over run deer populations, etc. However, this lady is killing declining species for a picture to hang on her wall.

        I guess I can see why when you put her average at best looks next to that gorgeous lion. What a talent to take it down from 60 yards away with a high powered rifle!

        Hopefully Melissa Bachman is on the declining species list.

      • Keegan Reeves

        @scott thanks for that remark. I guess that’s what you people come to if you want start an argument by calling other people names. yes I read the whole and article and yes I saw that. Since the South African govt. heavily monitors the populations of animals like the lion, do you really think they would have given her permission to shoot a lion if they had realized it wasn’t a good idea? Think about it, S. Africa has one of the best programs in Africa for these types of things.
        Japan culls different types of whales, not just the humpback but this isn’t japan (plus people have been fighting for years over this). But this is a US woman in South Africa. That is why I only brought up things that have to do with the US and S. Africa.
        Yea I hunt deer, hog, squirrel, rabbit, and dove and I eat all of them and what is the difference in that and giving away the meat to the people of an African village.
        The lion population in Africa has been reduced by half since the early 1950s. Today, fewer than 21,000 remain in all of Africa. this is due from the encroaching of habitat and POACHING!!!!! this was not an act of poaching. You have to get a license to hunt in the US and you have to have permission to hunt there… plus the lions are on regulated nature preserves also and they become overpopulated very easily.

  • southndixie .

    excellent Melissa! …………….hunting old male lion is just good sense, as watching any wildlife program will tell you, young males come in and kill this old guy, then kill the cubs and start the cycle all over, so if she did not kill the male lion, other younger males would have eventually. anti-hunters are a virus to the rest of us, while they shop at their local deli and bring home meat they fail to understand the food chain process. Of course I could care less about these city slickers, they are the same one’s that feel we are safe and should not own a gun, they should all move to Europe. IMO and that’s a fact jack!

    • SmarterNu

      IF the young male lion is *eventually* able to kill the older lion, that is the natural order of events. Killing with a rifle at a distance with no danger to yourself is QUITE the different matter. Use a rope and a knife, like Tarzan, and I’m impressed. Otherwise, not nearly so much.

  • Kathe

    Wow, it never ceases to amaze me how so many people want to categorize others, assuming that if we don’t like what this woman has done, we must be hypocrites who just got done with our steak dinner, or people who don’t understand hunting, etc. In my opinion, this is not hunting. She paid not only for permission to kill this animal, but for the guarantee or killing it. That is not sport, it’s murder, and it is sick. Now, I am sure I will be torn up for these comments, but before you get started you should know that I am vegan and therefore, I do not have a refrigerator full of meat or any animal products in my home. I am a Christian and the Bible says that God gave Adam dominion over all of the animals, not the right to use, abuse, and kill for his pleasure or entertainment. I am also not anti-gun. I am a former paramedic and the department that I worked for was a combined public safety department meaning police, fire, and, EMS in one, so I worked side-by-side with police and I attained an expert marksman award. So I do know what I’m talking about, and I’m not being a hypocrite. Even if the meat was given to a local village, it was not necessary. She is not a sportsman or a hunter. She is obviously a narcissist whose job in the public eye is still not enough to feed her ego that she has to kill these big, majestic beasts to make herself feel big and, in her mind, look big. It’s SICK.

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