Woman tweets ‘2 drunk 2 care’ before fatal crash

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A screen grab of Kayla Mendoza's Twitter profile. Mendoza spells her first name differently on Twitter.

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. — Authorities said a young woman tweeted “2 drunk 2 care” before allegedly driving the wrong way onto an expressway and killing two people, according to a report.

The Sun Sentinel reported that 20-year-old Kayla Mendoza caused a fatal crash just after 1:45 a.m. Sunday in Coral Springs.

Florida Highway Patrol said 21-year-old Marisa Caran Catronio was pronounced dead at the scene after Mendoza’s Hyundai Sonata collided with a 2012 Toyota Camry.

Catronio’s passenger, best friend Kaitlyn Nicole Ferrante, 21, was pronounced dead after being taken to the hospital, officials said.

Officials said Mendoza was also hospitalized and was listed in serious condition. Mendoza has not yet been charged with a crime involving the crash, according to court records.

According to the Miami New Times Blog, Mendoza, of Hallandale Beach, calls herself “pothead princess” on Twitter and has posted numerous tweets that appear to show marijuana and alcohol abuse.













  • Shari Haga Bifulco

    What she did is no different than those people that go into public places and start shooting innocent people. She needs to be locked away for the rest of her life. She is unworthy of living in society.

  • Charley

    This girl is 20… not 21… but 20! I know it’s only a year, but that’s not exactly legal either… It’s not only dumb to drive drunk, but putting pictures BROADCASTING regular illegal drug us makes me want to know where this brat’s parents are! I hope she never forgets that she is the reason her best friend is gone. She is the reason four families are grieving. Heartbreaking and disgusting.

    • Fay

      Excuse me but 20- 21 it don’t matter she of age her parents can’t control what she dose no more than your could at that age,,,,,

    • Stephen

      It’s not her best friend that’s dead. It’s two people she did not know, who were best friends, and seemingly (I say it in such a way because while it was a 21st birthday, no sources have even slightly suggested alcohol involvement in the other vehicle) having been responsibly celebrating a 21st birthday.

      Pitiful POS.

  • krista

    How great that the irresponsible drunkard survived the crash but two innocent young women dies because of her selfish and juvenile behavior. Why does it always end this way? I hope she survives so she can spend a lot of time in jail, thinking of what she has done.

  • Max R. Pardon

    Does the state the accident happened have a no textin and driving law? That would be another charge with fine that the state could use to educate many more people of the nation and support the cause danger’s in the multiple-charges the texting driver could face and most likely will face.

  • Amanda

    I seriously hate to say it but kids like this are a waste of oxygen and space, they end up on welfare for being too stupid to live or they die from overdoses. They always end up hurting good kids and I honestly do not see why they get to keep on living when this happens. This is why capital punishment should be legal, you wanna be stupid and kill someone you lose your life too. Especially if you are a pot smoking drunk with no purpose in life anyway.

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