Rebecca Sedwick bullying case: Charges dropped, lawyers say

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12-year-old Kaitlyn Roman appeered in court this morning after being charged with stalking in the Rebecca Sedwick bullying case.

Two teenage girls accused of aggravated stalking in the case of a young Florida girl who jumped to her death no longer face criminal charges, lawyers said Wednesday.

Attorney Jose Baez, the attorney for Katelyn Roman, said the state had dropped the felony charge against her in the bullying case of Rebecca Sedwick, who was 12 when she committed suicide in September.

Rebecca Sedwick

Rebecca Sedwick

“We are very pleased that the state attorney’s office … has decided to do the right thing,” Baez said, adding that he was convinced that his client had never done anything criminal.

Baez said the girl was deeply affected by Sedwick’s death and had been bullied herself.

Katelyn, 13, has been in counseling, he said.

“There is zero evidence of any stalking in this case,” he said.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said he was “exceptionally pleased with the outcome of the case.”

“We see the children are going to get the services that they need,” Judd said, referring to counseling services. “That’s the best outcome for juveniles.”

Guadalupe Shaw, 14, also had her charges dropped.

“My client and her family are relieved by the state attorney’s decision today,” attorney Andrea DeMichael said. “She is hopeful about her future and is attempting to turn this tragic event into something positive.”

A member of the state attorney’s office said he could not comment on cases involving juveniles and referred CNN to defense lawyers.

Months of cyberabuse reportedly drove Rebecca to climb up the ladder of a pair of silos at an abandoned concrete plant in September. She had already cut open her wrists in December but survived that suicide attempt.

CNN does not typically identify minors who are charged as juveniles, but the network is doing so in this case because their identities have been publicized by law enforcement and have received extensive publicity in their local media.


  • Valerie

    Sorry, But I Have To Say This Cause It’s True: It’s A shame How They Get Away With Things. If They Were Black, They Would Be In Jail Very Fast!

  • Facts Please

    Sheriff Judd you went on every show you could and preached that these girls were responsible for the child’s death and beat your chest that you were charging them. Now you claim you just wanted them to get help…………. Grow up, you over charged them and on ONE FB post AFTER the child died as evedeince they bullied he to death, your word not mine. Judd got his camera time and lead the parents of the deceased child to think they were going to get justice. I think you sir let those parents down for your 15 minutes of fame.

  • ron

    The charges should be dropped, I don’t agree or encourage bullying and I stood up for thosr who couldn’t back in my day…But nowadays everything is considered bullying, kids use to talk bs to each other, pick on one another etc.and that was that. Not saying it was right becuz it definitely wasn’t, but kids where tougher mentally back then (90’s & older). The government/smart dumbasses has created this don’t spank or discipline your kids because it breaks them down and the eveybody wins even when they fail so when they realiZe things in life (socially, academically, & home) is not going there way they result to suicide. Kids shouldn’t be babied when they’re no longer babies. taught how to handle the set backs that will face them now and forever as they grow/mature. There is always going to be some form of bullying in life from college to work and business. You have to learn how to handle people and realize they don’t matter. Love discipline your kids teach them how to handle criticism and give them constructive criticism….they way things are going now I believe we are creating a soft generation and this world is hard!!!!

  • lynn t

    Valerie. That is just stupid as stupid goes. Ppl like you saying stupid bs like you said is why the world is like it us much racism and I hate blacks/whites.and if they would be black or it’s white ppl doing this or cut that stupid shit don’t matter if that kid was black white green yellow or was a kid it wasn’t COLOR that it happened to but a kid or kids.grow up why don’t you

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