Winston-Salem assisted living facility residents robbed, employees restrained

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- A group of masked men armed with handguns robbed an assisted living facility Wednesday morning.

Officers responded to Clare Bridge Assisted Living, 275 S. Peace Haven Road, where they say the armed robbery took place around 1:30 a.m.

Several suspects robbed Clare Bridge Assisted Living at gunpoint.

Several suspects robbed Clare Bridge Assisted Living at gunpoint.

Police say four black males entered the facility armed with firearms.

They proceeded to restrain the five employees while they robbed the facility.

The suspects searched the residents' rooms for valuables and fled the scene with several flat screen TVs, jewelry and other personal items.

Police say about a dozen residents were robbed of their personal belongings.

One resident received minor injuries when a gunman grabbed his arm, police say.

Dispatch originally reported that multiple people were suffering from injuries, but that has since been corrected.

A statement released by the facility explained that "immediate action was taken to review security protocols and to ensure ongoing safety because the safety of our residents and associates is a top priority."

Police have not said how the men entered the facility. There were no visible signs of a break-in.

Officials at the facility say they are providing extra support services to residents and associates.

The investigation is ongoing.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Winston-Salem Police Department at 336-773-7700 or Crime Stoppers at 336-727-2800.

Statement regarding Clare Bridge Winston-Salem armed robbery

Statement regarding Clare Bridge Winston-Salem armed robbery


    • Mere

      My granma lives there…The doors are never unlocked…There is a door bell you have to ring and someone from inside has to enter a code for the door to unlock for people to get in..My big question is who in the world would unlock the door at 1:30am and let 4 men in with guns?! I am so mad about this!

      • Jennifer

        You’re comment will Most likely Solve the Case… Exactly, HAD TO BE a Current or RECENT Past Employee!! For The Sake of ALL of our Retiree communities… SPEND just a “Little” Extra and MAKE SURE THEY ARE SAFE!!!!

    • John

      The doors were locked, as they always are since it is a memory care community. Since they had guns, clearly locked doors weren’t going to stop them.

  • Carol

    I totally agree with Lynn’s comment!! The one place an elderly person should feel SAFE !!! There is no punishment harsh enough for these
    despicable excuses for human beings!!!

  • Kim

    Wow! Our facility is completely locked @ 8 P.M. Obviously this facility failed to keep it’s residents and staff safe. Prayers to everyone who was involved.

  • David

    Wanna stop crime. Bring back public executions. No jail for people like this. Why should my taxes feed and house these scum bags and people like them. Let criminals see some hangings, beheadings and firing squads. I bet that will get there attention. In Russia they used to put a gun behind your right ear and pull the trigger as soon as you were found guilty of a major crime. This Country is far too soft on criminals today. That is why we have so many repeat offenders. Three strikes and you are out, completely out.

  • Jane

    I am shocked (I know I shouldn’t be). Who would think of robbing an assisted living home. Got to be an inside job. This is beyond horrible.

    • Jennifer

      With All My Soul I feel it was Obviously “Inside”, However, God Be With the Investigators….I Only THANK God that No One was Seriously Injured Physically… But will the victims EVER feel Safe Again For ALL their Retirement EXPENSE?? Doubtfull.


  • reggie

    I wish I find those fools and get them but I african american people don’t do all the crime Mike Smith.

    Far as I know it could have been you but whoever did it, it is ashame and I want you to be locked down. They probably live within 3 miles radius of the facility. Please catch these sorry fools

  • LM

    I live RIGHT down the street from this place, and I take my dog out at night…now I am SO scared to walk on my street at night anymore (the same street that Clare Bridge is on)!!! I REALLY wish the police would patrol this area more, or do Something to help…the crime in this area (especially down at Glen Eagles) has gotten really out-of-hand in the past year! People are also Constantly throwing their TRASH out on the street, too, and SPEEDING down the hill all the time. If I could move right now, I would. Thankfully, at least I have a taser, an alarm system and a big dog!

  • Lin

    This screams INSIDE JOB. Hopefully the facility has security cameras and can review the tapes. Preying on the elderly? Absolutely disgusting.

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