Virginia State president sends letter in support of its football coach

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Keith T. Miller, the president of Virginia State, sent out a letter to various media outlets and alumni in full support of Coach Latrell Scott and the Virginia State football team.

The program has come under fire after an alleged attack on quarterback Rudy Johnson of Winston-Salem State last week.

One player, Lamont Britt of Virginia State, was arrested after the altercation which took place in a bathroom at the Anderson Center during a CIAA lucheon at Winston-Salem State.

Johnson has claimed that at least six players attacked him in the bathroom and he suffered a severely swollen right eye and cuts as well as back pain from being kicked.

Britt was charged with misdemeanor assault inflicting serious injury. Britt has been suspended from the team pending a school investigation. Three other players were questioned by police but were not charged.

Johnson is expected to start on Saturday when the Rams take on Slippery Rock in the Division II playoffs at 1 p.m. at Bowman Gray Stadium.

Division II playoffs at 1 p.m. at Bowman Gray Stadium.

Letter from the President – VSU
The past few days have been extremely stressful for everyone at Virginia State University, none more so than our football coach Latrell Scott. During this turbulent period, Coach Scott has exhibited the dignity, leadership, and resilience that have characterized his tenure at VSU.Coach Scott understands that actions have consequences. Coach Scott’s support of his players, cooperation with authorities, and actions in facilitating the process during and following the incident, has been exemplary. Immediately reaching out to his counterpart at Winston-Salem State University with an apology and asking “what can I do?” is in keeping with the Latrell Scott who, since January, has won over players, students, faculty, and administrators.For Coach Scott, it’s always “what can I do?” Latrell has integrated himself and his staff into every aspect of campus life and the community. As head football coach, he and his staff are active in campus activities, reaching out to the community and supporting events across campus. On Monday, the team’s day off, players mentor children at Ettrick Elementary School, living the VSU mission of service to build a better world.

The discipline and tenacity that exemplifies Coach Scott’s character is manifested in the classroom and on the field. This season, his football team boasts a cumulative 2.81 grade point average, which is above last year’s average that led the CIAA. His team’s classroom success has been mirrored on the gridiron. Chosen to finish 10th in the CIAA, the 2013 Trojans captured the Northern Division with a 9-1 record, including 7-0 in conference play. For the season, the Trojans were the second-least penalized team in the CIAA, demonstrating that the team is disciplined and competitive.

In his first interviews with Virginia State and throughout the selection process, Latrell Scott impressed the selection committee with his honesty and candor. He was the overwhelming choice of a committee that included representatives of athletics, faculty, a board member, and administrators. He has since validated the decision many-fold! Those at the highest level of VSU have taken note of Coach Scott’s leadership. In a recent conversation, VSU Rector, Harry Black, commented “I’ve been impressed with the leadership and grace under fire with which Latrell has carried himself. His composure should serve as a model for everyone involved in this incident.”

While Latrell has only been a member of the Trojan family for a short time, our assessment ofhis character and commitment is shared by some of the most respected names in collegeathletics, including head football coaches Mickey Matthews of James Madison University,Jimmye Laycock of William and Mary, and Mike London of the University of Virginia.

On November 15, 2013, one young man made a very bad decision. That bad decision cannot and will not be condoned. However, we wholeheartedly support our head football coach, our football coaching staff, and most importantly our football players.


  • T.Tyson

    VSU/CIAA/WSSU-The resolution for this unfortunate incident has yet to be reached. This is a crack in the history book for the CIAA! If a forfeit isn’t reached nor resolution, then there will be an open slot for the 2013 Championship game. We will never know the outcome of the game because of one player of VSU or others who made a bad decision Do what is right!? The article stated that VSU coach pretty much says, “What can he do?” Assume responsibilities of being the Coach of a team with a member who made a bad decision. Do what is right…Go ahead and forfeit that game and lets move on! The effect of this entire ordeal has stained both Universities’ Families, supporter, fan, and student athlete. **What has been lost for WSSU has been a “bye” week for them in the play off due to a game not being played; therefore, rankings for WSSU dropped.

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