Winston-Salem police gain support for gun buyback funding

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- The Winston-Salem Police Department’s funding request for a gun buyback program received unanimous support at Monday night’s Public Safety Committee meeting and is now being recommended to city council for approval.

Chief of Police Barry Rountree presented the proposal, which asks the city to match $10,000 in funding for a proposed gun buyback initiative.

The request comes after growing concern for gun violence across Winston-Salem.

Rountree says the department would raise the other half of the $20,000 initiative through forfeiture funds and community donations.

A gun buyback allows people to turn in their guns with no questions asked for money.

If approved, the department will have to look at how to get rid of the guns once collected.

A new law that took effect this year prohibits law enforcement agencies from destroying most guns that are seized or taken through gun buybacks. Instead, officers must keep the guns, donate or sell to a licensed dealer.

Chief Rountree tells FOX8 this is only one part of a larger plan to reduce gun violence in Winston-Salem.

That plan includes working with community partners, prosecutors and other local law enforcement agencies for education and extra enforcement.

The proposed gun buyback is expected to go before city council next week for final approval.


  • FaithC

    Chief Rountree tells FOX8 this is only one part of a larger plan to reduce gun violence in Winston-Salem

    Really? This is how they are going to deal with gun violence in Winston? What a joke. I can see law abiding citizens turning in old guns that may have been sitting in their barn or basement for 30 years. But I really don’t see the criminal element of Winston running to turn in their guns. If they want money…they will steal it.
    This is just another way of law enforcement and the city council attempting to look as if they are taking action. All show and no real results in reducing crime.

  • slippery pete

    absolutly a joke. waist of time money and man power. you wont see one crack head show up with his stolen gun thats already been used in a crime

  • Facts Please

    Waste of tax payers money. Buying unwanted broken junky guns will only insure that criminals must use better quality fully functioning weapons. I have an idea for ya Chief, how about busting those corner drug dealers that supply the drugs that most criminals are robbing the rest of us to buy. That is all.

  • Rodney moore

    It just gives the criminals a reason to brake in your home for a fast 100.00 Do you really think wspd would try to make a real honest effort to get, any stolen guns back to its owners I have seen there ads in the news paper. Its just a waste of money and time.

  • Jim Wiseman

    How do you “buy back” guns that never belonged to you? Is the city going to have a background check, or will the guns just be transferred illegally?

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