3 dogs rescued, owners charged in animal cruelty case

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THOMASVILLE, N.C. -- Two people have been charged with felony animal cruelty following three abused dogs being discovered last week.

Brittany Dawn Epperson and Edwin Javier Flores

Brittany Dawn Epperson and Edwin Javier Flores

Veterinarians believe the dogs may not have been fed for two weeks. One was literally hours from death.

Police say the dogs, especially one named Hope, have a long road to recovery but their lives were saved thanks to an anonymous tip.

Investigators believe Hope and two other dogs, now named Amber and Lewis, were ignored by their owners.

Edwin Javier Flores and Brittany Dawn Epperson were both charged with felony animal cruelty.

Flores and Epperson are scheduled to appear in court on Dec. 18.

Law enforcement encourages people to speak out if they see an animal being neglected or abused.

Dogs found abused or neglected in the past would have been euthanized due to lack of resources but Ginger's Fund, a non-profit, helps give animals a second chance.

To learn more about Ginger's Fund, visit http://friendsoftheshelterdcnc.com/gingers-fund/.


  • Patti

    I hope they rot in hell! People like this make me sick and the sad thing is the laws in NC are no where near strict enough on animal abusers! These poor babies suffered so much.

  • Path

    Well, one needs to go back across the border, no excuses for the other one. I bet she was raised better than to act like this. They deserve long jail time.

  • Jan Beckwith

    Anyone that would treat a defenseless animal like this deserves the same treatment and more!!! There is no excuse for the likes of these two!!! I’d be willing to bet the man is illegal, so he should serve his time here then be deported!!! Oh, send her to where ever he’s from, too!!!

  • P.C Griffith

    The laws needs to be changed and the punishment strong enough to stop the bullies that prey on defenseless creatures….the above comments most likely describe perfectly what kind of people do such horrible acts!!!

  • linda

    They both look like they could loose some weight so why don’t we let them go 2 + weeks without food then deport him back to where he came from.

  • amber

    Lets not feed them for 2 weeks or more, and let them be about near death. Show them how their dogs felt. I just praise GOD they were about to get the help they need for recovery. Then pray they find their forever homes!

  • anom

    You do not for any reason mistreat elderly people, children or animals. There is a “special” place in hell for people like that!! They deserve the same treatment they inflicted on those poor animals!

    • Annonymous

      She does have three-four kids and she is pregnant too!! Someone needs to investigate the home for how she mistreats those kids! I have seen her on numerous occasions mistreating her children all over town! Shameful!

  • pam hucks

    If this guy is illegal send him back follow the law. Put her to work and make her repay all the money spent on these dogs. Hit these people where it hurts their wallets. Let them keep enough money to live on and if she has children, should that not be investigated. Leave them none too spend on things not necessary for survival.
    Pause-if you starve a dog-what does that say for your parenting skills-duh- time to take decision making out of her hands. what other activities does she spend her money on. Makes you wonder. Him as well, not cutting him any slack, if he stays here in the USA then he too, pays back all spent out of Ginger’s Fund. It is time all these free loaders stop getting free rides and not being held responsible for abusing animals. Maybe they get by with it where they come from but thank goodness, the USA is finally not turning away and ignoring abuse but meeting it head on and holding people accountable. To some these are just three dogs, big deal, but abusing animals represent a mind set that leads to gangs, human abuse. Stop animal abuse and you are on the road to changing the mind set on abuse in general. If you can love an animal and feel compassion, you can love and want to help a person.

  • Kit

    They should be starved for two weeks plus the legalities. People who abuse animals WILL abuse other people especially children. Tie her tubes. Give him a snip job.

  • Brigitte Stern

    The two key phrases in the article: “their lives were saved thanks to an anonymous tip” and “Law enforcement encourages people to speak out if they see an animal being neglected or abused.”
    A shocking numbers of animals DIE from neglect and abuse every single day, right under the noses of the entire community! The abuse that animals suffer at human hands is heartbreaking and sickening! If you see or suspect an animal is distress…..please don’t assume that someone else will take care of situation…Take action!

  • fay

    you people are vicious. You kill babies all the time and think nothing of it. the animal “shelter” kills animals all the time in the name of humane. you only got one side of the story. there is always another side.

    • SAL

      Fay there is another side of the story, we should deport people here illegally, stop welfare checks, lets start there.

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