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‘Fight for them:’ VSU parents urge university following football fight involving WSSU QB

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"Somebody’s got to step up and say something about it. We can’t wait till it’s over, if we wait till it’s over, they’ve been punished unjustly. You have to fight for them,” one VSU parent said during a Monday morning press conference.

ETTRICK, Va. (WTVR) — The parents of Virginia State University football players who attended a university press conference regarding a fight involving a football player and the subsequent cancellation of this weekend’s CIAA title game did not seem satisfied with the actions of both league and university officials.

WSSU to hold a 1 p.m. news conference to discuss incident

“Under our system of jurisprudence, a person is innocent until proven guilty. How many people are there on a football team? Why did the whole football team have to be penalized for the actions of one person?” one parent asked Virginia State University President Keith Miller and VSU Athletic Direction Peggy Davis during the press conference that, at times, more resembled an open forum.

“That’s a great question, of which I don’t have the answer to,” President Miller replied. “I think the CIAA needs to answer that question. We’re as frustrated as anyone. We’re as dismayed as anyone.”

University officials said they planned to launch a full investigation into Friday’s events and that they looked forward to the facts coming out.

On Friday, VSU backup running back Lamont Darnell Britt, 22, of Portsmouth, Va., was charged with assault and inflicting serious injury in an attack on Winston-Salem State quarterback Rudy Johnson at a luncheon earlier that afternoon. Britt has been suspended indefinitely. On Saturday, CIAA officials ruled Virginia State as ineligible for the entire 2013 postseason.

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  • Michael Scotto

    They had hold the whole team responsible otherwise teams could use second or third string players (or just team goons) to attack key players on the other team. You trade a third-string goon for a star. If the whole team is to be punished, the players police themselves.

  • George Peters

    The behavior or these parents is the reason why something like this happened. They are a team and what one person does to a member of another team reflects on everyone.

    To suggest this could have happened to anyone is foolish. This young man is an adult and should know better. The VSU parents should be up in arms at the behavior of this player not with anyone else.

  • Anthony

    This is why I wouldn’t let my son play at this school! He’s doing great at a majority white school. The parents should be ashamed of themselves. My son has thanked me for pointing him in a better direction, so I can thank your hodluim sons for that! Typical!!!

      • nunya

        Wow, lets go after someone for not using spell check. That’s real class! I don’t know what side of the podium you stand on the issue at hand, but I imagine from your high moral attitude on spelling you think VSU and the TEAM should not be disciplined. The TEAM needs to be disciplined so those on the TEAM who were not involved can let their teammates involved know they did this to the whole team. Be damned, sportsmanship, right? Check my spelling, b#%@tch!

  • Rob

    It doesn’t matter that it was an HBCU! You have the same foolishness if not more at white schools. We can go tit for tat and the list for white schools will be much longer. Where were you when WSSU was in the national championship game! Matter of fact check out our academics!

  • nunya

    The parents of the VSU team are just upset because their babies might not be recruited by an NFL team or lose out on some money-making deal. Britt still gets to attend school, right? Well, that’s enough. and President Miller knows full well why the whole team needs to be punished. If the shoe had been on the other foot, VSU would have been happy with the suspension.

  • Michelle

    First let me start by saying that it doesn’t matter if it is a HBCU or not. There are many quality HBCU athletic programs that shouldn’t be diminished due to this non sense and poor judgment. And to the parent that added that their son is better off because he is in a white institution, I dare you slap our fore parents in the face for paving the way to make that opportunity for you and your family possible. Furthermore, If you think white institutions are better lets start with Penn State and Rutgers, Indiana (under Bobby Knight), hmmm.

    There is a lot of going back and forth but the facts are: VSU was at WSSU to play a football game. Regardless of who said what first, Rudy Johnson was attacked and Lamont Britt was arrested. I have been following this story since the incident occurred and I haven’t read anywhere (national news service, Winston-Salem or Richmond/Petersburg news agencies) where any VSU players have come forth to disputing that fact. I think the actions by the CIAA were honest and fair. When you are a athlete you are assuming the role as a student ambassador for their university and your actions should be displayed accordingly.

    We as parents, coaches and fans of the game should look at the lessons to be learned from this incident to teach or sons and daughters good sportsmanship and fair play.

  • Joe Blakely

    The article above from Fox 8 is inaccurate because according to ESPN, CNN, USA Today, Keith Olbermann (Worst Player of the Week), Stephen A. Smith (ESPN) and 300 AP/UPI articles across the country the Johnson (Rudy) kid from WSSU was not suspended but the kid from VSU Britt was suspended after he was arrested. As a former Richmond resident I hate to see VSU portrayed nationally and internationally as an institution that will not admit its wrongs, make excuses for a few bad apples and pretend nothing “seriously” happened. I have many relatives that graduated from VSU and for them it was always about integrity.

    Then to make matters worse Coach Scott’s alleged criminal record (assault, DWI, forgery) was written about by Scott Hamilton in a Winston-Salem newspaper article that was picked up the AP/UPI wire. When will this chaos stop–it is not as though VSU sports brings in money like UVA athletics. Ms.Davis, VSU AD, just move the school beyond this quagmire.

  • Michael King

    Good evening everybody , I’m a WSSU grad . When I first heard about the incident I was speechless . I really couldn’t wrap my thoughts around what I was reading . I can’t say that I’m super angry about the situation , maybe very dissappointed is a more accurate discription of my feelings . How could this happen ? Both teams had to work extremely hard to reach the CIAA Championship Game . I will not talk bad about VSU because I really love all of my HBCU schools . Notice I said ” MY ” HBCU schools . I say that because we all are one . This really makes ” US ” look like we don’t belong . I wonder what the CEOs of the corporate Sponserships are thinking rightnow . One last comment then I’m out . When you’re in a Leadership position you must act accordingly . I’m not sure the Head Coach should keep his job .

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