An update on Noelle, the ‘Miracle Baby’

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Some stories are simply different.

When a little girl defies almost every set of odds to not only survive, but thrive, that's one that sticks with you.

We first began following a story that wasn't supposed to include Noelle Aguiar. We were doing a story about photographers who do a wonderful service, taking professional pictures of babies who are either still-born or die shortly after birth. It gives the families a wonderful keepsake and validation that there once was a baby they knew and loved. Noelle was supposed to be one of those.

About a month or so into us chronicling the experiences of Tom and Jill Aguiar, as they went through their first pregnancy, everything changed. Noelle came at the 27th week of pregnancy, but developmentally, she was like a 19-week old because of the condition that appeared to force her early birth: a lack of blood flow to the baby.

She weighed just 12 ounces and was so premature it wasn't likely she could survive, even on the sophisticated machines we now have to help premature babies breathe.

But, as we said, Noelle is different.

She had a lot of challenges in her first year, in particular, and it often takes three to five years for a baby born this prematurely to catch up to other babies. Noelle isn’t there, yet, but she’s well on her way.

As she approaches her second birthday on Dec. 8, she’s beginning to walk and talk and is unquenchably curious. In this edition of the Buckley Report, see how she's doing, now and what Noelle’s development allows Tom and Jill to start doing -- things that finally make them feel like a complete family.

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  • Tim

    Love this miraculous story! I lost a child due to premature birth after his 3 month battle with numerous surgeries and on and off ventilators. So when i hear of such a miracle baby, it brings great joy to my heart that she was able to make it! Keep going Noelle, you have done great miracles and you will create even more throughout your life!

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