Pit bull saves woman from machete attack, police say

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EDMONTON — A pit bull is being hailed as a hero after authorities said the dog saved a woman from being attacked by a machete.

CTVNews reported that three men and a teenager broke into the woman’s home in Edmonton, Canada last week and tried attacking her.

Police said once things got violent, Mercey, a 4-year-old pit bull, jumped into action and took the majority of the beating. Officials said the dog’s owner sustained only minor injuries.

Authorities said the dog suffered life-threatening injuries and is recovering at an emergency vet clinic. Police officers reportedly pitched in to help cover the vet bill.

Three suspects have been arrested and one more is still sought, according to police. They face several charges including assault and cruelty to an animal.

Source: CTVNews


  • Debra Sterns

    I’ve seen several positive stories about pitt bulls – they aren’t bad – just mostly misunderstood. That being said – too many owners don’t train them properly or socialize them properly and that leads to problems for everyone in their vicinity. It isn’t the dog’s fault – it is the human’s fault.



  • CatherineD

    There is always more to these “hero dog” stories and they usually turn out to be something entirely different than originally reported. I question the so-called “facts” of this account because although I’m a small woman, if I had a machete, even I could kill a dog, yet, we’re supposed to believe three men and a teen, one with a machete, couldn’t overcome a single pit bull? Additionally, any dog worth its salt — particularly one as vicious and powerful as a pit bull — wouldn’t have waited until “things got violent” to jump “into action.”

    • Genia

      So I can only assume that we should all trust your facts ~ like grouping All pits into this *Vicious group as you just did ?
      Honestly, in my opinion, you have no right arguing facts while throwing out opinions like that.
      Lack of knowledge on the breed is such a sad thing~ and lack of those willing to learn just shows ignorance ~ and ignorance is much more dangerous than the breed of dog people refuse to learn about.

    • progress

      Firstly, you are “special” . That said, if you saw the video, you would have seen that the intruders were acquaintances of the lady (who knows what kind of shady business she may or may not be in?). The dog jumped into action when she realized things got violent. Nobody wants a volatile dog (be it a chihuahua or a Pit) that attacks acquaintances. Sorry if you have had a bad experience with this breed. I had witnessed both good and bad. Mostly good. But I still will trust a dog quicker than any human.

    • Kyky

      You must be one of those ignorant people who only own a lab!
      You have NO idea what you are talking about! Vicious…not even close! These dogs are absolutely amazing! I have one pit ill and a dachshund and my doxie is 10x’s more “vicious” than my pit bull. You should read this story and be happy. Or would you have preferred to hear a pit bull horror story?!!
      It’s VERY possible this pit bull saved his owners life and I commend him and thank the officers who are helping him at this moment. This dog just goes to prove how loyal out pit bull friends are…they’ll die for YOU!

    • Jen

      Contrary to your incredibly misguiding opinion…Pit Bulls aren’t human aggressive. They are very friendly & social dogs. Therefore it does not surprise me at all that the dog did not attack until violence was initiated.
      If the dog would have initiated the attack you’d probably be screaming “see they’re all dangerous”!
      I had a German Shepard mix that would let you in my house, but only so far if we weren’t with you…then she would block you. Any dog “worth it’s salt” would protect its owner & that’s exactly what this Pit Bull did.

  • Tim

    I am waiting for all the pit bull bashers to come post as well and apologize for all of their negative minds making assumptions because of what they read and not what they experience. This dog saved their owners life….enough said!

  • angela

    I have a pit and she is like a baby. pit bull are great dogs it is the owner place to raise them like a child. if you raise them mean they going to be mean just like the owner. I had my when it was 8 weeks old and I trained my to be a good dog. I have had her for 8 yrs now and she has never showed any aggressive to no body.. she is like a baby I’m glad the cops are helping with the vet bill. now they see all pits not mean

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