‘No kids’ painted on grandfather’s car in an elderly Florida community

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FLORIDA -- A Florida grandfather believes his granddaughter was the reason someone vandalized his cars.

Now, he's uneasy about having her visit him.

According to WPTV, Bhaskar Barot woke up Thursday morning, looked outside his window, and saw yellow spray paint all over his two cars.

The message read "No Kids".

Barot has a 4-year-old granddaughter that visits him frequently, and occasionally spends the night.

He doesn't feel like she is safe after someone vandalized his cars.

It was reported that this grandfather lives in an age 55+ community of Vero Beach that has strict rules about minors staying overnight.

There is a 30 day per year limit on overnight stays. Daily visits, however, are unlimited.

Barat says several neighbors have written complaints to the Homeowners Association about his granddaughter.

But he says she's always inside, and doesn't cause a problem.

WPTV reported those responsible could face a fine, jail time and a felony charge if the damage amounts to more than 1,000 dollars and they are convicted.

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  • Ken Halleck

    One of the main reasons we moved out of Florida (my home state). I’m sick and tired of all the yankee “near deads” moving in and dictating how we live. I-75 and I-95 go north too, If you don’t like how we live GET THE HELL OUT!!!. BTW, I’m 70.

    • Mr. Papageorgio

      People move to a neighborhood to get away from kids, no kids means no kids…..if you want kids over don’t move to a neighborhood that clearly says NO KIDS. This isn’t a Yankee thing. It’s an old person thing. It seems its only REDNECKS that bring up Yankees, when they have no other leg to stand on. Why do you think Yankees are taking over the south? Because they can’t find any rednecks smart enough to do anything but complain.

      • Edik415

        I don’t have any idea what all this redneck/yankee nonsense is, but I have some issues with the rest of your response:
        1) from what I can tell, the neighborhood does not “clearly say no kids.” No more than 30 overnight visits in a year is not a “clear” statement prohibiting minors, but rather a statement *limiting* the presence of minors for overnight visits. Daytime visits are unlimited…which means there is no “no kids” policy.
        2) If Mr. Barot has had his granddaughter stay overnight more than 30 times in a year, then sure, that’s a violation. What’s the appropriate response? I’ll give you a hint — it’s not destruction of personal property. Take it up with the management, and if they determine a rule has been violated, then it’s up to them to do something. If they do nothing, then the complaint the spray painter has is with THEM. Go up the chain and talk to their superiors.

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