Shots fired at multiple homes and vehicles in Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Greensboro Police are investigating an overnight shooting after two homes and at least two cars were shot dozens of times overnight.

Two occupied houses on Oberlin Drive near Yanceyville Street and East Cone Boulevard were hit around 12:15 early Friday morning.

One home was extensively damaged. The front bricks and windows were peppered with dozens of bullet holes, and two cars at the home had shattered windows.

The family who lives there was home last night, and says their nine-year-old son was asleep when the shooting started. They told FOX8 at least three bullets went through a window and into the child's bedroom.

Police confirmed there were people in both homes shot, but no one was injured.

Neighbors heard the gunshots and described the shooting as loud and fast.

Sharon Fields went straight to her window when she heard the gunfire. " I saw five, at least five, men running across Fielding heading toward Yanceyville. They were running away and that of course made me even more suspicious so I said, I'm calling the police right now."

Police canvassed the area overnight but have not made any arrests.

A woman named Marcie lives nearby. She and her husband were also woken up by the gunshots.

"I have a four year old so that would really scare me," Marcie explained. "Someone could have been hurt or killed. It could have been my house. It's not a joke at all, and people really need to think that kids and peoples lives are involved."

Even folks who live on the next street over heard the shooting. "I thank God, I really thank God that nobody got hurt," said Eli Anderson.

Public Information Officer Susan Danielsen with the Greensboro Police Department told FOX8 they were not sure if the shooting was gang-related, but she said detectives have not eliminated that possibility and are continuing to work the case.


  • Faith

    Greensboro has become one big warzone. Nothing but street thugs and gangs. Something needs to be done. SO glad we moved out.


    Wow…you think Greensboro is a war zone? You would go simply bonkers if you lived were I grew up at in New York. When I first moved to Greensboro from NY back in the late 90’s Greensboro was worst then it’s current status. Greensboro is full of wanna be thugs and gangs…take those same wanna be’s and put them is a real area with real thugs and gangs they become honest hard working citizens benefiting the community real quick!!!

  • Faith

    Stretch – LOL I was born and raised in NYC in Hells kitchen. It is an upscale place now but when I grew up there you took your life in your hands just going out the door. So I know what is bad, and Greensboro is catching up fast.

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