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Dog saves new owner from house fire

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A Florida woman said her dog saved her life, less than two weeks after she adopted him from a local shelter. (YouTube image)

LAKELAND, Fla. — A Florida woman said her dog saved her life, less than two weeks after she adopted him from a local shelter.

ABC Action News reported that Sara Pelchat’s new rescue dog Brinleigh woke her up after a fire broke out in her kitchen.

The smoke alarm went off, but Pelchat said she continued to sleep. She said her new dog refused to leave without her and started jumping on her and licking her.

“The longer I laid in bed, the more frantic she became,” Pelchat said. “She was pulling on my shirt and digging on me and just really trying to get my attention.”

Pelchat said she rescued the dog earlier in the month from her local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals facility.

“If it weren’t for her I wouldn’t have woken up and then Lord knows what would have happened,” she said.

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  • Michele

    I totally agree. They only mention Pit Bull or Pit Bull type of dogs when its a negative story. Clearly that brave puppy is a bully breed of some kind but instead of acknowledging the breed you go the easy way and just say “dog”.

  • hrj

    I have a pitbull and one day my boyfriend went to take her outside and he said she was acting like a guard dog and we think she was protecting him from something because she has never acted like that in the past so something must had scared her.

  • Samantha

    Anybody else notice that the dog is referred to as male in the beginning, but then they switch to female? And I am also irritated by the fact that the dog in the photo is clearly a bully breed, but they never mention that in the story. If it had been a lab, or a poodle, or whatever, they definitely would have said something like “Heroic (insert breed) (insert dog’s name) saved his/her owner from a house fire blah blah blah.”

  • Betty Conrad

    I agree on the breed part.The dog is a pit bull/boxer mix.Cause it looks identical to my girl.An she’s a pit/boxer mix.An its true they mention the breed when it does something wrong.An you can tell by it’s face it loves its’ mommy.

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