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Chinese company interested in Greensboro’s leaves

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A Chinese Mulch Production company is seeking out Greensboro as a source to reuse the 70,000 tons of leaves that sit in White Street Landfill.

Field Operations Director Dale Wyrick said Triangle Accounting out of Cary contacted Greensboro to develop a partnership to create jobs in exchange for the city's leaves.

Wyrick said although White Street Landfill has the space to hold the 10 to 12,000 tons of leaves that stack in every year from the Greensboro Loose Leaf Collection, the large piles are just taking up space.

"We manage the height of the leaf stack and temperature, but it could be a fire hazard," Wyrick said.

Triangle accounting represents Super Group LTD American Branch; the largest mulch producer in China that primarily services Japan for their high demand of mulch for nursery projects.

Operations Manager Mark Harvey for the joint venture between Triangle accounting and Super Granger Group said in a statement :

"This joint venture is led by Mr. Zhou who is the President of the Joint Venture and Dr. Steve Niu who is the Vice President. Mr. Zhou of Super Granger Group LTD American Branch came to the United States to start a pilot leaf mulch manufacturing plant. We have toured many mulch piles in many cities looking for leaf mulch that meets our strict requirements."

Wyrick said the company has a high demand for oak and maple leaves and Greensboro has it.

Wyricksaid the deal is still in the early stages but city council member Zack Matheny said that the idea to reuse and recycle while creating jobs is a "win win situation."

Triangle Accounting is asking for a $50,000 grant to create the infrastructure for the plant to create 10 jobs to package and ship the leaves.

Wyrick said the grant application process would be the same as any other business through Greensboro economic development.