Raleigh woman arrested for gun on school campus says daughter was bullied

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Kristina Rowe

RALEIGH — A Raleigh woman has been charged with having a gun at school after she showed up on campus when her daughter came home with a black eye.

According to WTVD, Kristina Rowe says a posse of girls has been harassing her daughter since the beginning of the school year.

When her 13-year-old daughter Mykira McFarland came home with a black eye Tuesday, the registered gun owner’s first instinct was to grab her gun.

The daughter said another girl jumped her.

Rowe says she grabbed her pistol because she feared there could be more than one attacker, and bolted to the bus stop outside her apartment complex where the alleged bully had already began boarding the bus.

Rowe stopped the bus and when she couldn’t get the girl’s address from the bus driver, she called 911 and drove to the school.

She told a dispatcher: “I done have an altercation with the kids because I’m sick of them messing with my daughter.”

When Rowe got to River Oaks Middle School she says she went inside without her gun to talk with the principal.

When police wanted to know where Rowe left the fire arm, she took them to her car.

Rowe is now charged with carrying a firearm onto school property.

It was reported that Rowe said an unintended consequence for trying to protect her child from teenage tormentors has made going to a new school a bad experience for her daughter.

Rowe posted bond and was released from jail Tuesday. Her next court date is next month.

SourcE: WTVD


  • Faith

    Getting your gun is NOT the way to deal with this. Did she talk to the police before? Or the school?
    People like this give all gun owners a bad name.

  • Trcubed

    Folks…as of 1Oct13, it is legal in NC to have a firearm in your vehicle while on school property. The only question is whether or not she locked the vehicle (as required by law) before going into the school. If she did, she’s done nothing illegal. Certainly not smart, but not illegal.

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