Electronic devices may be banned from Guilford County Courthouse next year

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — The Guilford County Courthouse may ban cell phones and other electronic devices beginning next year.

According to the News & Record, the details of when the ban will start and what exactly it will entail, are still being figured out.

The current policy in the courthouse allows visitors to bring cell phones and other electronic devices into the courthouse, but says that they must be shut off in the courtroom.

Attorneys, law enforcement and other court personnel hold special passes from the county and are excluded from the ban.

Randolph County Courthouse started banning electronic devices in 2011.

In June, the Rockingham County Courthouse instituted a ban as well.

Source: News & Record


  • Max

    I don’t think this is so good policy. On a recent 50b hearing a friend of mine had evidence recorded on their cell phone. How would they present this evidence? I was on jury duty a while back and my ipad saved the day. I sat in a room with a lot of other folks from 8:30 to 5:30 and many of us used our phones and tablets to make the day pass. If you are defending yourself in court you may also need your computer so if the lawyers have access to them then a citizen defending themselves should also have the same rights.

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