Dog follows owner to hospital after crash

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COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho — A man who was hospitalized after authorities said a drunk driver crashed into his home has been reunited with his dog.

Investigators told the Coeur d’Alene Press that Jeffrey Groat was reunited with his “teacup Great Dane” named Burke while recovering in the hospital.

Officials said Groat was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance after a drunk driver barreled into his northern Idaho house on Thursday. Burke had been missing since then.

Authorities said the dog was found Thursday near the hospital’s emergency room. It is believed that the dog followed the sound of the emergency vehicles’ sirens to get to Groat.

Friends waited until Saturday to surprise Groat with the reunion of his dog. Family members said Groat constantly asked about his dog during treatment.

Friends said the dog was so excited at their reunion he had to be restrained from jumping on Groat’s hospital bed.

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  • Dorothy Peters

    Teacup Great Dane. hahaha that just sounds funny. Usually the smaller dogs of a large/giant breed are called pocket or teacup. It’s caused by many factors the main reasons are nutritional and genetics. Most of the smaller ones are because of back yard breeders that don’t take care of the puppies and feed them enough or nutritionally good food. I have “pocket” Boxer that I fostered and he is only weighs 42 pounds and that’s all the bigger he’ll get. He was 10 pounds when I got him and he had rickets, he was 4 months old.

  • lisa

    So the dog was found Thursday…but “friends” waited until Saturday to reunite him with the owner? Even though the man talked constantly about his dog during treatment? I hope my friends are more sensitive if I’m ever in that situation.

    • Lisa is an idiot

      you don’t even know the circumstances around the man’s treatment or anything else. what a judgemental —–.

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