Police stun stepdad trying to save son from fire

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ST. LOUIS -- The family of a 3-year-old killed in a northern Missouri house fire claims police used a stun gun on the boy's stepfather as he tried to run back in and save the child.

Riley Miller died early Oct. 31 in the Mississippi River town of Louisiana. A city police officer fired his stun gun at Ryan Miller as he tried to re-enter his burning home, which was destroyed in the fire.

Grandmother Lori Miller says she witnessed two officers use the stun gun three times, twice after Ryan Miller had been handcuffed.

Miller suffered chest burns and was later released from the city jail without being charged.

The family says it is considering legal action against the city.

City Administrator Bob Jenne called the police response a "judgment call."

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    • Diane Gribensk Knight

      Why would you want them charged? Like another poster said, they may have determined it was too late to save the baby…we just don’t have all the information. If they house was going to collapse and the father runs back in, then the firefighters have to risk THEIR lives to save the man who was determined to go back in the burning house. If the man is fighting to get back in the house, they have to detain him, which they did, temporarily. He was not charged with a crime. They not only saved his life, but potentially the lives of those that would have had to rescue him. I seriously doubt the police detained him with malice, especially if any of them are parents themselves.
      But yeah… it’s much easier to blame the police, right?

      • robert

        U must understand that’srescue workers job to savevrs father choice to risk. His own life. Police should be charged thet were wrong and should be fired. At the least

  • love

    It does matter what the officer thought it was his child. You have the right as a parent to give your life to protect your childs or save there life and no one has the right to stand in your way!

  • Mike Lamb

    They had NO legal rights to stun the man. PERIOD!
    And to stun him after handcuffing him only shows malice.
    This also shows everyone just who is in control of and owns your life, the government! Everything now is done in the name of society which is just another word for socialism. If a person is truly free and Sovereign, they have the right to manage *their* life as they see fit, and if it means taking risks, that is *THEIR* business. If one hasn’t been been declared mentally deficient, then they should be free to do as they please. Anyone siding with the police on this is is a poor excuse for a human, but you make wonderful communists, and all for the state and our own good!

    Michael– Deo Vindicabamur

  • jessica

    If my child were in a burning house even if I knew it was too late I would still choose to go in anyway and I wouldn’t want to be stopped. So what if he would have went back in and was killed I’m pretty sure he had that in his mind when he went in the first time and was willing to go back in again. What them officers did was just wrong. May his little soul rest in peace.

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