NC officials consider pay increase to attract young teachers

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — N.C. officials are considering a pay increase to attract young teachers in North Carolina.

According to the News and Record, increasing teachers’ salaries would help with longevity and keep more teachers in the classroom.

Sen. Jerry Tillman, who co-chairs a pair of key education committees in the N.C. Senate, said he discussed the plan with Governor Pat McCrory.

Some say McCrory has been considering the proposal.

The biggest roadblock to changing this: How do you pay for it?

It was reported that Tillman said cutting experienced teachers’ salaries isn’t an option.

Retirement incentives might be, he said.

For many years, advocacy groups have recommended shifting the pay scale to keep talented, young teachers from going elsewhere.

Research shows many teachers leave after about five years.

Read more: News and Record


  • Tim

    Great idea….just keep some jail cells available in the county for these ‘Hot Teachers’….and a clean yearbook for the boys and girls to tell their naughty stories in!

    • Anon teacher

      Shut your effing mouth. Don’t judge an ENTIRE PROFESSION because of a few people. I AM a PROFESSIONAL, and I DESERVE to be treated as such. I graduated college with HONORS, and I deserve to be paid what I am worth. I deserve to be paid more than an effing garbage man, unless you think that because I am a TEACHER and because I teach CHILDREN I am worth less than the person who collects your trash?

      • Your student

        Everyone is entitled to an opinion. I would be very concerned if my child was in your class, and this was how you reacted to his opinion (albeit far off base) on a topic where his opinion didn’t match your views or reality.

        As an educator – pardon me – a PROFESSIONAL who DESERVES respect; is this how you teach my child to portray himself to attain the respect he believes he deserves?

        An ‘anon teacher’? Shouldn’t one who graduated with HONORS be able to spell out anonymous, and being so proud of that accomplishment not hide behind an ‘anon’ moniker?

        Perhaps you were quite aware what you were doing and saying was not going to be such the shining light of example you wanted attached to your name? Yet you continued, adding to the less-than-stellar view of NC teachers. This public display is not going to garner much support for your cause now is it?

        FYI: Teachers are leaving the state because we are 46th in pay. I don’t disagree with paying our teachers more. I think it is long past due.

        I strongly disagree however with a PROFESSIONAL teacher whom graduated with HONORS and demands ‘ANON{ymous}’ RESPECT attempting to gleam such by setting a bad example for our local society and any children who see this comment.

        Apparently the ‘eff’ bomb is now taught as part of our curriculum?

        Someone call the garbage men please. The stench left by this ‘anon’ teacher leads me to believe she/he is past their expiration date and needs to be picked up!

  • leamaxi

    1st NC cut teachers’ pay
    2nd teachers and teachers aids are laid off
    3rd NC cuts incentive for advanced degrees
    Then some good Ol’ NC official gets a light bulb moment and thinks raising pay will attract young teachers. Really? Is this going to fix everything? Ya’ll are going have to better than this.

  • S Miller

    Anon, what is your deal with trash collectors? It’s an honest profession. Without them we would be covered in waste. My sociology professor actually pointed out that it was the most important job in any society. Who is anybody to say they are worth more than another life? Also, you might want to consider not using the term “effing” so much on your posts. Please be more professional than this if you’re entering the teaching profession in NC.

  • Jessica

    Really? What about those of us who have put our heart and soul into teaching and haven’t gotten a raise in years. Instead of saying thank you for a job well done NC is thinking about reducing our retirement benefits. I guess we should turn the other cheek, because this feels like a slap in the face!

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