Man accidentally discharges gun during second amendment discussion, shoots printer

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WILKESBORO, N.C. — A man accidentally discharged his gun inside a Wilkesboro GNC store during a discussion about the second amendment, striking a printer, according to police.

According to a Wilkesboro Police Dept. incident report, officers responded to the GNC store on Winkler Street around 8 p.m. Tuesday.

A witness told police he was speaking to a customer and they were discussing second amendment rights and guns around 6:50 p.m. The customer then pulled out his handgun and accidentally fired a shot, striking a printer, the witness said.

The customer then reportedly told the worker “he could not go down for this.”

The customer was described as a white male, younger than 28-years-old, brown hair, brown eyes, 5’8″ and around 170 pounds. He left the store in an early 2000s model dark colored Honda Civic.

No injuries were reported.


  • mgarrett60

    They can pass all the gun laws they want, but they will never be able to eliminate stupid. Dude was a maroon.

  • DCAL

    Gun safety 101…never pull your weapon unless you are
    1. At a gun range and it is safely pointed down range,
    2. Never play with your weapons
    This is the type of person that makes it difficult for lawful gun owners to fight the anti-gun movement.

    • Franklin

      I’ve heard that comment made before and while I kind of agree, I think it’s flawed logic. Negligent could conceivably replace accidental completely. He was negligent in reportedly having his firearm out for no legitimate reason, yes. But a person could just as easily be considered negligent in not paying more attention a avoiding tripping, knocking something over, turning into an uncleared intersection…

  • Ben

    Show some Christian forgiveness, people! EVERYBODY makes mistakes while operating tools. I shift into 3rd when I shoulda stayed in 2nd in my car every day. Anti-gunners demand that we prove our sanity, pass a test of our competence and get licensed before operating a handgun. Crazy! We don’t do that for cars, so why for guns?

    • Corey Jenkins (@csjenkins)

      Because guns are used to kill things. And that said, if you are deemed incompetent with your car (tickets or accidents) they take away your ability to use your car. And if you are insane, you probably can’t drive or won’t get insurance. And you do have to have a license to drive a car.

      So what you said was wrong. It was really wrong.

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