Davidson Co. school administrator charged with DWI, plans to retire

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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. — A high-ranking official with Davidson County Schools, who was charged in October with driving while impaired, has announced she plans to retire, according to The Lexington Dispatch.

According to the paper, Dr. Denise Hedrick, assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction for the system, is awaiting a Jan. 6 court date in District Court in Forsyth County for driving while impaired and driving left of center.

The 55-year-old Hedrick was released under a written promise to appear in court.

According to the paper, court documents show Hedrick was stopped by the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office at 1:51 a.m. Oct. 5. A deputy alleges she was driving left of the center line multiple times. The deputy stated Hedrick was observed having an odor of alcohol and slurred speech and was unable to name where she last was.

Hedrick registered a .13 blood alcohol level after submitting to a Breathalyzer test, according to the paper.

Read more: The Lexington Dispatch


    • 'Murica

      Yeah, wouldn’t it be nice to teach kids how not to think for themselves? It should be the decision of the FAMILY to teach kids about religion, NOT state run schools…

  • will

    I wonder if she will get her full retirement package. She more than likely will. We will be paying for this drunk from now on.

  • Faith

    I have yet to understand why people think it is OK to drink and then get behind the wheel of a car. I can not stand the “I can handle it” attitude that people seem to have. Call a cab, better yet, if you are driving don’t drink.
    Sid – no you can’t teach the bible in school, unless you intend to teach the holy books of every religion. Religion is to be taught in the home.

  • laura

    While I agree what she did was wrong,she did not do it during working hours. Having said that I don’t think this should effect her retirement pkg. It is by the grace of God no one was injured. Ms.Hedrick I hope learns something from this.

  • Stacie

    She was my assistant principal when I was in HS, plus, I worked under her when I started teaching. Yes, she made a bad decision, but at least she was not intoxicated at work. How many of us have not made bad decisions? When I was in college, I had a professor that came in to lecture every day smelling of alcohol. It should not effect her retirement, she has served many years in her profession.

    • Another

      This admin has been drunk on the job. This county has known for years about her drinking and did nothing. Well they did do something they kept promoting her up the ranks. That whole county office needs to be audited and purged of these people.

  • Angry Mother!!

    IM QUITE SURE you all wouldn’t feel that way IF you, your loved one, friend etc were hurt, your feelings would be much different. Bottom line, she is in a position she should have been more responsible!! I don’t care who she is or what she does, she should be punished just as anyone else would be!

  • Teri

    FYI, state employees and school teachers fund their own retirement pay from years and years of paying into the system which is mandatory; and taken right off the top of their gross pay so, the retirement cannot be taken away. It is self-funded. That being said, she is of age to drink, chose to get behind the wheel clearly intoxicated and should be held accountable for that poor decision under the law like any other citizen in any other profession should be. Bottom line, ANY adult in ANY capacity should be responsible – Teacher, administrator, reverend, grocery clerk, waitress, computer programmer – you name it – We are all the same and should be held to the same standards! Thank God nobody was hurt or killed by her poor decision.

  • David Young

    Whether her retirement is self funded or not (which I might add here that it is not completely self funded as the state contributes also) she still should have been terminated after her arrest. In this case she cannot be considered innocent until proven guilty. You cannot dispute a .13 reading. Why are we allowing her to continue in the employment of Davidson County School System unitl 12/31 when she was arrested 10/5? What are we saying to our children. My company has a morals clause and anything that I do that reflects poorly on me or the company (whether on company time or personal time) will be cause for my dismissal. This was not a bad decision on her part… it was a culmination of years of the county sweeping her actions under the rug until she finally got caught.

    • Reid

      Well, they could “fire” her, but if they did she would have the option to appeal or sue for wrongful termination. Although my opinion is “let her appeal or sue, see how far that gets,” but many times the state will allow them to retire or leave on their own so that they have no grounds for an appeal. Appeals/Lawsuits are lengthy and cost big $ in legal fees so at this point, they’re just cutting their losses the easy/cheap way. I have no dog in the fight but know that this is how they typically operate. State gets what they want in the end… her…gone!

  • Mia

    Denise Hedrick has done many things (job related) over her career that she should have been terminated for. Unfortunately they kept promoting her instead. Now she has embarrassed the school system. They got what they asked for

    • Momof3

      Agreed. She was principal when my kids where at NDMS ~ and I hope Mr. Daniels is smiling big right now!! Maybe she can where those go go boots to court when she goes the judge might luv’ them! LOL This was not a mistake this was uncalled for…she knew better!!

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