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Soldiers welcomed home at UNCG

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- More than 400 soldiers were welcomed home on UNCG's campus today for their official demobilization ceremony. The school helped host the event because the N.C. National Guard needed a large space for the event.

Members of the 5th Battalion, 113th Field Artillery Regiment with the N.C. National Guard came home back in August.

They were deployed for a year and spent about nine months overseas. Their assignment was along the Egyptian/Israeli border.

"This was the our first deployment since we were married five years ago," said Taylor Brown. She is married to Sgt. Joseph Brown.

"It just happened that he was deployed while I was pregnant with this one," Taylor explained, pointing to her youngest daughter. The couple has three daughters total.

Sgt. Brown was present via Skype for Alaina's birth while he was overseas.

Abby and Amelia are just glad Dad is home to play. "He likes to tickle me!" said his oldest little girl.

Sgt. Brown said his wife is the strong one. "She's the real trooper. I go over there and do one job. She has three, and more that come up... and giving birth? I'd never want that job!"

Taylor couldn't hide her emotions while talking about her husband. "I really don't have the words to tell him how proud I am of him. He has been our rock. He loves the Lord. He loves his family, and he puts us first and does everything he can for us and we are so thankful for him."

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