Facebook group bashes toddler and baby photos

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PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — A Florida mother is speaking out against a group of mothers who bashed other people’s children on a secret Facebook group.

WPBF 25 News reported that Boca Raton resident Melissa Antenucci was horrified when she accidentally found the Facebook group online.

Antenucci said the group targeted children with disabilities and described toddlers as “ugly.”

Under one photo of a baby, a woman wrote, "It's hideous." Another woman said, "You can absolutely not fix ugly."

Another wrote, "An ugly baby thread.. I have died and gone to heaven. Why can't you guys live near me so we can do this over cocktails?"

The Facebook page has reportedly been taken down and the mothers associated it have disabled their Facebook accounts, according to news sources.

Read more: WPBF 25 News


  • terrie brown

    Just horrible I believe that’s part of what’s wrong in this world people don’t have respect for anyone to target kids especially those with disabilities is just sick and wrong but i bet some JA will say they have a right to their opinions no matter how someone else may feel

    • terrie brown

      Jade looks and sounds like you need to be in school Facebook is for anyone who wants a profile or those who can have one

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