Walmart website glitch causes frenzy among shoppers

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A glitch on the Walmart website sent shoppers into a frenzy Wednesday, according to ABC News.

The apparent glitch on the company’s website led to $8.85 listings for items that included computer monitors and projectors normally worth hundreds of dollars.

As customers spread the word about the good deals, products sold out in just hours.

Walmart has said that it has since resolved an issue that caused the frenzy.

Walmart made a statement that the error was technical, and the website was not hacked.

The orders have been canceled, but Walmart says they will give customers their refund in full along with a $10 e-card for future purchases.

Just two weeks ago, Walmart stores in Louisiana experienced another frenzied shopping day where an error in the food stamps EBT system caused account limits to temporarily disappear, leading customers to load up shopping carts with hundreds of dollars worth of items.

Source: ABC News