Missouri daycare employee caught dragging child: Is it abuse?

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CRYSTAL CITY, Mo. -- A daycare employee is caught on camera dragging a 2-year-old by the arm, which resulted in a trip to the emergency room.

The child's mom considers it abuse but Missouri Regulators claim they can't prove it.

The video shows a room with seven kids, and you can see a teacher who appears frustrated.

Before the incident happens, she picks up a kid by the arms to move him. Then the child starts to crawl for something and she sweeps him back to his seat and presses his hands to his lap.

Another 2-year-old, who's playing with a towel, also appears to frustrate the teacher.

The teacher takes the towel and throws it. Then she takes the girl, who hasn't moved since the teacher sat her down, picks her up by one arm and drags her to a chair.

According to KTVI, the owner of the daycare, Brain Station in Crystal City, thought it was concerning enough to fire the worker and call parents, police and the child abuse hotline.

It was reported the mom took her little girl to the hospital where doctors diagnosed an arm sprain, but the Missouri Department of Social Services found the ‘allegation of abuse’ unsubstantiated or unproven.

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  • Faith

    What is wrong with these people, this is abuse. There is no reason to pull a child by their arm. That woman needed to be fired.

  • Dawn

    This lady has problems. The 2 years olds were just being 2 year olds “Playing”. She should have been fired and charged.

  • Tberryjack

    I agree with the Social Services, parents are ready to sue over everything now days. Little children are tougher than parents try to make them and it’s going to make all of that generation whimps. I’ll bet the parent kept on with the doctor until they finally said OK just to shut them up I’ll mark it down as a sprain because the child doesn’t act like it’s hurting after she puts them in the chair. I feel so sorry for the younger generations because the parents will have them so confused as to what and who they really are. Parents stop wussifying your children, God made them tough, let them be kids, they’ll turn out fine if you don’t hoover over them all the time.

    • Julie

      Would you say that if it was your child and someone pulled his/her arm out of their socket? There is a fine line between discipline and excessive force. This was clearly excessive force.

  • Larry Collins

    OK. Little ones are tough but it isn’t necessary to grab a two year old by the arm and drag him or her across the floor when they don’t do exactly as they are told. You CAN be gentle with them and achieve the same results as far as any discipline is concerned.

  • Beth

    If someone put their hands on my child like that, she would be making a BIG mistake. Why in the world would you do that to a child? I believe in spanking and discipline but not dragging around a kid like she is a rag doll! un-excusable!

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