Beagle helps determine if polar bear is pregnant

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DENVER -- Zoos around the country will soon find out whether or not a beagle named "Elvis" can let them know when their polar bears are pregnant.

Cranbeary, a polar bear at the Denver Zoo, doesn't look pregnant and there are no signs of morning sickness.

But zoo officials say it's sometimes hard to tell when the bears are pregnant.

That's where Elvis comes in.

The smart, slightly hyper beagle has an uncanny ability to sniff recent droppings from Cranbeary to determine if the bear is going to give birth.

What's the accuracy rate?

Elvis it's 97 percent, which is better than a home pregnancy test.

If Elvis detects the scent or hint of pregnancy, he'll sit on the appropriately impregnated sample.

Zookeepers think Elvis will break the news for Cranbeary in the next two weeks.