Oregon middle school coach fired for planning awards dinner at Hooters

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PORTLAND, Ore. -- A middle school football coach was fired for planning an awards dinner for kids at a Hooters in Oregon.

And he said he's moving forward with the event at the restaurant known for its chesty waitress in skimpy outfits.

According to KGW, Corbett Middle School football coach Randall Burbach said he would not be bullied and will still hold the event without district support.

Hooters has even said it will pick up the tab.

It was reported that the coach asked the boys where they wanted to have their awards dinner and they chose Hooters. His own children had a positive experience there when they were young, he said.

Plans for the dinner were outlined in a letter sent to parents by the school’s athletic director, J.P. Soulagnet.

The coach maintains that he didn't hear any negative concerns from parents. He said the vast majority of the feedback he's gotten has been positive.

Hooters has announced that it intended to donate $1,000 and 20 percent of its sales on Saturday to the Corbett Boosters Club.

Source: KGW


  • Faith

    Hmmm…I have no problem with Hooters, but I would not take a group of middle school boys there. Just not the best choice.

  • Tim

    Oh come on people….this is not a strip joint. Yes, skimpy outfits and usually busty woman, but they are not taking off clothes for tips or private dances! Its 2013, this type of stuff sells and if it was such an outlawed food chain, they wouldnt be more profitable than almost any restaurant in the US!

  • Granny M

    For heaven’s sake! You probably get more of a ‘view’ from the cheerleaders at the school. Their outfits are just as skimpy as the Hooter’s girls’ and on top of that, they flip upside down so that their legs are bare to the panty line. Please, people, get real here. This is not a reason to fire someone.
    There’s no common sense left in this nation anymore.

  • sinnerfrank

    Most these young people see more flesh on TV.or the net Snap out of it people!! Quit thinking for others just speak for yourself !!

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