New leadership for Greensboro following election

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Mayor-elect Nancy Vaughan and District 2 Council member-elect Sharon Hightower are looking forward to new development and better communication within the city.

Retired real estate paralegal and NAACP treasurer Sharon Hightower said she chose to run for council because she was tired of only voicing her concerns in the three minute public comment time slot.

Along with transportation improvements and small business development in District 1, Hightower said she wants to improve the communication between the community and council representatives.

"We've got to bridge that gap of disconnect that's been there for some time and I know I can be the fresh voice that the people are looking for," Hightower said.

Mayor-elect Nancy Vaughan said she has already spoken with each of the council members and is planning an orientation session to catch the new members up to speed with current developments.

"Jamal, Sharon and Mike they're all really good people I think they all want to do what's best for the city," Vaughan said. "We may have different philosophies but when you're working together for a common cause it leads to some better chemistry."

Amongst job creation Vaughan said the immediate changes to the city will be plans for the Renaissance Center and the Greensboro Performance Arts Center.

First time candidate and District 2-elect Jamal Fox and council member at large-elect Mike Barber were not available for comment.


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