Lincoln Co. mom accused of child abuse says it was an accident

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Amanda Josey

DENVER, N.C. — A Lincoln County mother said she would never hurt her own child but investigators said she twisted her 2-year-old son’s leg so hard, she broke it.

According to WSOC, Amanda Josey, 23, and her husband took their son to Carolinas Medical Center Lincoln two weeks ago claiming the child fell on the floor of their Denver home and broke his leg.

But Lincoln County Sheriff’s investigators said doctors examined the toddler’s leg and determined the break happened after someone twisted it.

WSOC quoted Josey saying, “I’m not happy with it. I don’t want to go to jail. If they think I done it, I didn’t do it on purpose and it was an accident.”

Investigators discovered Josey was angry because her son wouldn’t stay still while she was trying to change his diaper.

They said she twisted his leg so hard that it broke.

Josey said the child seemed fine later, until he was running around and started crying.

Authorities said Josey confessed to the crime during a polygraph and was arrested.

Josey’s court appearance is Wednesday.

The child is now in the care of his grandparents.

Source: WSOC


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