Three men charged in connection with several armed robberies

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Michael Greg Perry, Timmy Wayne George Jr., and Phillip Cody Hogan are accused of three armed robberies in Alamance County between Oct. 30 and Nov. 4.

ALAMANCE COUNTY, N.C. — Three men have been charged in connection with three armed robberies at local stores after a witness trapped them inside during the most recent incident.

Deputies charged Timmy Wayne George Jr.,  20, 618 Rolling Road, Burlington, and Phillip Cody Hogan, 18, 209 North Court, Graham, both with robbery with a dangerous weapon.

Their bond is set at $25,000 secured.

They also charged Michael Greg Perry, 26, 1761 N. Jim Minor Road, Lt 2, Haw River, with three counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon and possession of a firearm by felon

His bond is set at $201,000 secured.

Two separate armed robberies were reported within a week, one at the Purple Peddler and one at a Circus Foods in Swepsonville.

Both involved three men armed with guns.

The most recent armed robbery happened on Monday, at Rays Mini Mart on Highway 119 north.

A passing motorist had observed two subjects inside of the store one armed with a long gun and the other with a knife, apparently confronting the clerk.

The witness pulled his vehicle nearly against the front door of the business, trapping the suspects inside.

One of the suspects fired a shot at a plate glass window and escaped through the opening. They ran to a nearby Jeep that was occupied by a driver and fled.

The witness followed the suspects until responding deputies could stop the vehicle.

The three men are awaiting their first appearance in Alamance County District Court.


    • jessinia

      Timmy and cody aint imbeciles! So before you get quick to judge someone you need to think about there life. They are both great people the only one who should be called that is the one who is alreafy a felon! So get your facts straight before you start talkin bout peoples families! Thank you very much!

      • dan

        Nope…. he’s an imbecile. Committed armed robbery… with a known felon… and got caught. Sounds pretty stupid for me.

      • Phil

        Had that clerk been a concealed carrier, armed robbery could have been these three’s last bad decision they ever made…idiots, hope the judge maxes out your sentence.

  • Faith

    Quick thinking that could have gotten the clerk killed. He did this with the clerk inside. Why did he just not call 911 and then follow them when they came out. I am glad they are caught and glad they did not turn on the clerk when they found themselves trapped inside.

  • fred morales

    imbeciles!!! really??? they have fam maybe you shouldn’t have a perfect life.. and watch what u say about people because there fam is still out there.

    • dan

      Nope…. he’s an imbecile. Committed armed robbery… with a known felon… and got caught. Sounds pretty stupid for me.

  • Taylor

    Yeah theyy do have family and people that care about them not everybody has that easy laid back lifee an before u wanna judge people won’t u take the time to know there story instead of judgin them off the bat like ignorant people these dayys. Free Cody!!!!!

  • jessinia

    Although theyve done some bad things you cant be quick to judge them! Cody and timmy are good people so think twice bout what you call them or judge them on! FREEEE TIMMYY!

  • Ashley

    All gotta say is ppl need watch wat they say abt my brother.ya he did a crime and goin pay the time but he dnt need any of u judging him or tlk abt him.all three boys have family out here dnt apperciate u judging are family..FREE PERRY

  • Mr

    Timmy is an idiot he just got kicked out f the Marine Corps last month being a piece of shit . He’s done the same type of shit while he was in.

  • idek

    tim is an idiot. and im not judge him right off the back, i have known him for years. hes nothing but a srew up, I actually thought he had changed and was getting his life together but boy was i wrong. Sir is right Tim should have been swallowed he is a piece of shit

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