NC Dream Team wants to stop deportation of mother of nine

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DOBSON, N.C. -- The NC Dream Team wants to stop the possible deportation of a mother of nine after she was arrested during a routine traffic stop.

Patricia Pena said she was pulled over by police in Mecklenburg County for a broken tail light. When she could not produce a driver license Pena was arrested.

Pena is the mother of nine children, all of whom are U.S. citizens. She has been living in the U.S. since 1987 and claims a failed marriage that would have granted her citizenship left her struggling as a single parent.

"I didn't do nothing bad. I am always working, I always am taking care of my kids," Pena said. "I never do something like assault someone or bad things."

Pena has already been deported once but came  back to the U.S. in 2008 seeking medical care for her youngest child who suffers from epilepsy.

Pena said all her children are U.S. citizens so moving them to Mexico is impossible.

"They are U.S. citizens. It's not easy for me to enroll them in school there because they are U.S. citizens."

Pena works in a local restaurant, does some construction and helps a mechanic. She said she hasn't applied for citizenship because it's so difficult.

"You can apply and they send you to Mexico and then you wait three years to eight years over there until you be approved for that reason I can't yet," Pena said.

The NC Dream Team works to help undocumented immigrants and promote awareness about the need for immigration reform.

The group sponsored a vigil for Pena Monday night.


  • jaxx

    So what if they’re mexicans. I see no problem with that is there a problem with the race? Some of you people just need to stop being so ignorant. And I haven’tseen her at any moment ask you for money shes working hard to take care of her kids.

    • johnny

      i’m sure she’s raising all 9 children by herself. That’s funny. My wife and I find it hard to raise one kid financially. I’m sure shes on welfare.

    • Steve Moser

      That’s right she doesn’t ask for money; essentially she steals it, from you and me. That is why she is here. She is a thief. “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber.” John 10:1

  • Chris

    Maybe allow her to stay if applies for citizenship AND she pays all the back taxes that she has not paid over the years!

  • terrie brown

    She had them all she should work hard to take care of them also she probably gets Foodstamps for them kids cause they are citizens but what ever may Gods will be done who are we to judge

  • Carly Moreno

    All you people are worried about is Taxes !! This woman hasnt dont anything wrong! She takes care of all her kids ! Unlike most americans !!! I myself am half mexican and when I see comments like this it just makes me so mad ! I dont understand why everyone gets so torn up by Mexicans being here! They just want a better life for there self and there kids !

    • terrie brown

      Yes that’s all they are worried about is taxes…but they talk about black folks just like this they wish they would go back to Africa…..but honey it’s nit fair then she driving without license heck i don’t even have that many kids myself…..she getting alot of benefits and don’t pay taxes….heck even blacks can say someone in their family works and pays taxes

  • JM

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  • jenny

    t don’t bother me there over it but it kill me that they can live here without paying any taxes and can get anything they won’t here and the Americans that have been here all their lives n need help can’t get it .I think they all should go back to Mexico and do it the right way weather u half to wait 5 years or 8 years .

  • Hope

    The ignorance going on in this comment section is astounding to me. This women is just trying to better the lives of her children by living here. I bet half of the people alluding to the fact that she is breaking the law have been in some sort of trouble with the law themselves. But since they are “American” it is okay for them to do it. If you guys had 9 children and had a chance to do something to make life easier and better for them, something tells me that you would do whatever you have to in order to do that for them. Honestly, many people are just upset because she is “Mexican”, I guess those same people forget that there are many, many illegal aliens from other countries here as well, but no one makes a big deal about them. Oh, and also if you are going to complain about your “tax dollars” maybe you should be concerned with something a little more pressing like our education systems, because if our tax dollars don’t start improving those then there will be a lot more people in the future on welfare and food stamps due to the fact that they will only get minimum wage jobs because of our failing education system.

  • Dream Team

    If you really want to know she does not receive food stamps. I would know because I’m her daughter, so what exactly is your tax money paying for? The public school system that her kids are in & I’m sure you’re kids are in as well? Please please please let me know how one Mexican is making your life complicated & is “stealing” your money just by living here in the U.S. Your ignorance is very disturbing.

    • Bonnie

      It isn’t just one, it’s 20 million plus who are breaking the law and feel they should be rewarded for breaking our laws. Coming into the country illegally, working illegally, getting benefits illegally, driving illegally and expecting the American taxpayer to foot the bill because you want a better life for your family. We want a better life for our families also and we don’t sneak into your country to get that better life. Too many won’t even learn English and after breaking a few laws it seems that it gets easier to continue to break them and others. You have no respect for this country, you do not want to be AMERICANS, so why are you here?

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