Pennsylvania boy reports finding razor blade in Halloween candy

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PENNSYLVANIA — A 12-year-old Pennsylvania boy says he found a razor blade in a package of M&M’s while trick-or-treating over the weekend, prompting investigations by local police and the candy’s manufacturer.

According to WTVD,¬†Matthew Hernley said he found a one-inch blade in a fun-size package of M&M’s on Sunday, during his town’s sanctioned period of trick-or-treating in Scottdale, Pa.

Scottdale Police said they were investigating, but it would be difficult to determine from which house the candy was received because the boy said he got M&M’s from several houses.

“The package did not appear to be tampered with and we think this is probably is a manufacturing issue,” a Scottdale Police officer, who was not authorized to speak to media, told

It was reported that tampering with Halloween candy became a problem in the late 1970s and early 1980s when police departments reported incidents of children finding blades, pins and pieces of glass in their candy.

Beginning in 1982, the National Confectioners Association maintained a Halloween Hotline in which law enforcement agencies could report incidents of tampering, but it was shut down last year because tampering with candy was rare.

Source: WTVD