Massive Asheville Halloween display robbed

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ASHEVILLE, N.C. — An Asheville woman woke up Tuesday to discover thieves had played a Halloween trick on her.

According to the Citizen-Times, Paula Beatty, who spends weeks building an elaborate Halloween scene at her home, woke up to find much of it missing.

Thieves stole a band of life-size skeletons playing brass horns, pumpkins and other assorted items.

It is not the first time items have been stolen from the massive display.

But this time, the thieves walked far into the yard and spent time loading up the skeleton band. Each skeleton was about 5 feet tall.

Beatty thinks they probably needed a truck to haul their loot away.

She started decorating her house after retiring seven years ago. She combs thrift stores and after-Halloween sales for deals.

It took about three weeks to put out the display this year. She also does a big Christmas show.

Beatty has filed a police report, though she would rather just have the items returned to her house, no questions asked.

Source: Citizen-Times

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