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Halloween fat-shaming letter may be fake, but this inspiring letter is real

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Tony Posnanski said that when he heard of the fat-shaming letter being handed out by a woman in North Dakota, he decided to write his own letter, a positive one, to kids on Halloween.

The woman said she will give out letters instead of candy to trick-or-treaters who she feels are “moderately obese.”

The letter has since been rumored to be a hoax, but the letter Posnanski wrote is not.

1394411_10151738801397712_40756920_nPosnanski, who refers to himself as the “Anti-Jared,” has lost over 225 pounds since 2008. He once weighed 420 pounds.

He said he will hand out the letter along with candy, like Twix, Skittles and Crunch bars. And, he said he won’t judge one child who comes to his door.

Posnanski said that he struggled with obesity issues as a child, and he wished he would have been built up instead of made fun of for being fat.

He believes the woman in North Dakota is wrong and the letter she wrote is more unhealthy than candy.

“Giving candy out is not promoting obesity. Giving apples out is not promoting health. Giving anything out is participating in Halloween,” Posnanski  said. “Halloween is not about the candy as much as the experience.”

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  • terrie brown

    Bless your heart kids have a hard time already without a SILLY ADULT making them feel worst…..i wish i would go to a house and they give my fat baby a letter….if she feels that way just keep your light off

  • Mizzy

    Kids need encouragement to be healthy but not negative encouragement. I used to be called fat or too big for my britches (I was only over weight, not obese) and was told it was just constructive criticism. It wasn’t constructive at all. It made me depressed and want to eat and cry. As an adult I’m healthy and very active now but I hated my childhood because of the negativity.

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