Frustration growing over new health care law

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New frustration is growing tonight over the new health care law.

The White House is now hearing from members of congress who want to know why thousands of Americans are having their insurance policies cancelled.

President Obama is having to defend his promise that Americans could keep their insurance if they like their current plan.


  • Facts Please

    Obama lied to the voters they bought it and now we are ruined. That’s all this is. Millions losing their health insurance. ACA rates 100% to 300% current rates to off set those (no pre-existing) cost. 1/2 the countries getting TAX PAYER paid benefits, the working 1/2 just got more of the load to carry. 5 years to double the national debt. And I still see Obama stickers on cars, clueless people. Our union is crumbling.

  • Wolfgang H.

    To Facts do not have a clue what you are talking about. The Affordable Care Act is a disaster. However; the reason why people are getting cancellation notices is because the insurance companies do not want to comply with these new mandates. That is why people are losing their coverage.

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