Animal hoarding discovered in Rockingham County

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STONEVILLE, N.C. -- Around 50 animals have been discovered in Rockingham County in a case authorities are calling a hoarding situation.

At a property on Settlement Loop Road, four miniature horses and a donkey were found outside, with more than thirty dogs, cats and birds inside the home.

Conditions inside the home were described as unsanitary. Feces was all over the home and the smell was extremely strong.

One by one, the animals were brought from the home where they will be housed at the Rockingham County Animal Shelter. The Guilford County Animal Shelter will assist in efforts to house the animals tomorrow.

A husband and wife lived at the home.

No charges have been filed at this time.



  • Susan

    I want to know why the may with the ring around their neck had to be so rough with the little dogs, that is just as cruel!!!!

    • Faith

      These dogs don’t go willingly and this man has no idea which ones will bite or attack. He also has no idea which ones may carry an illness. So the less physical contact the better.

  • Heather

    I agree, he was really too rough with those terrified dogs. I’m sure they haven’t been socialized, and were terrified. Sadly most of them will have to be euthanized due to health issues, and never experience any type of love. These people should never be allowed to own any type of animals again.

  • Grace

    I didn’t think he was being rough at all. I guarantee you NONE of those dogs have ever been on a leash before, and if you have any experience with rescue animals, you know how they act. No matter how gentle you are, they are still going to fight you because, yes, they are terrified.

  • Jamie Thornton

    I am talking with PETA, ASPCA, PAWS and several other organizations about this case of abuse by the shelter officers. It is sickening that people sent to help them are abusing them. If you would like to join me in this battle, let me know. This behavior is unacceptable!!

  • T Williams

    They are no better off with they way they are being treated in the video!!! Why do you have to drag them. I understand you don’t know which ones may bite…fine…put food in a cage and get them in it. If you don’t have enough cages then drive the ones you have to the shelter and come back and get more. There is NO excuse for this!!!

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