Motown singer from NC arrested for stealing Superstorm Sandy funds

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Three people were arrested for falsely collecting Superstorm Sandy relief funds for property like this one.

NEW YORK — A Motown singer from Raleigh, and two Long Island women, were arrested Tuesday on fraud charges for falsely collecting Superstorm Sandy disaster relief funds.

According to the New York Daily News, Joseph McClam, 52, of Raleigh received $32,000 in relief aid for a Brooklyn property that had been mostly vacant since it was damaged in a 2010 fire.

It was discovered that McClam was currently living in a Queens house he owns that has no power or water.

The judge ordered him to return to Raleigh and travel to New York for future music gigs.

He was released on $50,000 bail.

Officials also charged Jena Sowinski, 37, of Merrick, N.Y., and Tselane Gibbs, 31, of Valley Stream, N.Y.

Federal prosecutors say they both received over $18,000 each in FEMA assistance by claiming their rental apartments became uninhabitable.

The arrests were announced on the anniversary of the superstorm that tore a swath of devastation and death across the metropolitan area with many areas still struggling to recover.

Source: The New York Daily News


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