Greensboro council race becoming ‘contentious’

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Candidates in a council seat race in Greensboro both said the campaign has gotten unexpectedly contentious.

Jamal Fox is running against current District 2 Councilman Jim Kee.

Kee told FOX8 today he reported concerns to both the Board of Elections and NC A&T University. Kee says a campaign worker told him a student said, "I better get my A" to Fox after voting for Fox earlier in the month. Fox is an adjunct professor at A&T.

Kee says reporting his concerns does not translate to him accusing Fox of misconduct.

"I advised them of what I heard, never making any allegations that he had offered any grades. I didn't hear it, didn't have proof, only repeated what I heard," said Kee in an exclusive interview with FOX8's Carter Coyle.

In a press conference Wednesday, Fox called denied ever offering grades for votes.

He did confirm the university suspended him with pay after it said he did not properly report he was running a campaign.

"It was a shock to me," Fox admitted in the press conference. "But we need to focus on moving this forward."

He referred further questions about his relationship with A&T to his lawyers.

Fox said he will continue to campaign for more jobs and economic growth in East Greensboro. "We must address issues head on, we must bring people together, and we must fight for democracy in district two."

"It's always concerning that proper channels are not being followed. You have to if you're going to be a leader, you have to follow proper channels all the time. And you can certainly get yourself in a lot of trouble if you don't," Kee said.

Fox told media, "For my opponent to even want to discredit my accomplishments and the community's accomplishments, it is just sad." He accused Kee of running a "smear campaign."

Kee explained why he was confident would win the race. "I have the experience. I know the business owners. I know the developers and I've worked with people all over the city ... to bring more development."

Election day is next Tuesday, Nov. 5.


  • Faith

    Why is it the one who has broken the rules is the one who is always in a hurry to to talk about anything and to move on?

  • l337g33k

    This guy looks like Tyrome Biggums to me… the crackhead from the Chappelle Show. Can’t shake the image everytime I see a billboard of this guy.

  • Michael

    “We must address issues head on, we must bring people together, and we must fight for democracy in district two.” IOW – I have a bunch of platitudes, but I have no idea how to run anything.

  • Faith

    Michael, We just moved out of Greensboro because the town council has no clue how to run anything and could care less for the people living there. This guy is just another person who talks big but will do nothing.

  • perry laird

    Why did they suspend him with pay? If he broke the rules, he should be punished, not rewarded. All this amounts to is that the university paying him to campaign.

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