Armed robbery at High Point gas station, police looking for suspects

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- High Point police are looking for three armed robbers who struck a gas station and convenience store just before 10 p.m. Wednesday  night.

Officers say three robbers wearing ski masks entered the Kangaroo BP at N.C. 68 and Gallimore Dairy Road.

According to police, the store clerk said the robbers were brandishing handguns and identified all three as males.

The robbers were tracked by a police K-9 to the parking lot of an adjacent business, where they were believed to have escaped by vehicle.

The trio made off with the contents of the cash drawer and two dispensers filled with scratch off lottery tickets.

There no are reports of injuries to store employees or customers.



  • Faith

    The One, Don’t we all, but we don’t have someone sticking a gun in our face. The citizens need to start fighting back.

  • Lynn

    Really how DUMB “scratch off lottery tickets” do they not know those are tracked HELLO thats how the lottery folks know ..who,what and whwen tickets bought and won lol!!

    “Ok here is your sign!” …. ROFL!!
    And I agree with one needs a gun in their face, I’m so glad no one was hurt..
    It is getting crazy …just not safe anymore

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