Armless body builder inspires others

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ARIZONA -- Competing as a body builder can take years of training - and it's not easy.

But one competitor in Arizona doesn't let anything stop her, especially her biggest obstacle.

She's training as a body builder  ... without arms.

"I just said what the heck, I'm going to go for it."

And with that determination, Barbie Thomas, 37, started competing in 2003.

And that determination might surprise you and even inspire because Thomas' routine is quite different than most.

"I was two-and-a-half and I got into a transformer," Thomas said. "The electricity went in through my hands and out through my legs.

Doctors had to amputate her arms and didn't think she would survive.

"I think God had a different plan for me and spared my life."

Thomas is now a fitness competitor on the national level.

"I got a lot of funny looks the first few times I competed."

However, her trophies have proved her success.

Along with working out, Thomas has to do everything else with her feet, including texting and driving.

Thomas has days where she doesn't want to go to the gym - but she doesn't give up.

"I really think that's why I'm still here on Earth is to motivate other people and inspire other people and show them that, you know, you can do it," Thomas said. "When you put your mind to something it's possible."