Breastfeeding mom fined for bringing baby to jury duty

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Laura Trickle and her son, Axel.

MISSOURI — A Missouri mother is facing a court date for refusing to leave her baby at home when she was called for jury duty.

Laura Trickle said she couldn’t leave her son behind because she breastfeeds him. But that didn’t get her off the hook.

Trickle reported for jury duty in September with her son, Axel, hoping the judge would grant an exemption.

Instead, he gave her two options. She could either pump on breaks or bring someone to watch Axel and breastfeed on breaks.

She told the judge she couldn’t do either one.

“I would be able to pump on breaks, unfortunately Axel doesn’t take a bottle, so that’s not an option for us,” she said.

“The other option was to have someone stay with me all day and then be able to nurse on breaks. But since I’m a stay at a home mom we don’t have childcare.”

Trickle was charged with contempt of court.

In addition to the contempt charge, Trickle also faces up to a $500 fine.

According to the Kansas City Star, new legislation may be introduced in the next session that would exempt breastfeeding mothers from jury duty in Missouri.

Such an exemption would help encourage more Missouri mothers to breastfeed.

Read more: The Kansas City Star


    • bonnie

      Give the child up for adoption. What kind of nut case are you. There are 1,000 of ppl that could have been called for there civic duty. She just could have been call another time when she was not breastfeeding.

    • Micsha

      I am a mom of 3 and I nursed all mine but my last would not take a bottle for the life of me. I was with my son the whole yr around the clock and if I had jury duty and they could not understand that I couldn’t leave my child oh well that does not make me a bad mom. It makes be a better mom then most cause atleast I am catering for my own just like this lady did. Not acting like half these moms now adays that have no respect for their kids.

  • Faith

    The judge has no right to tell her she needs to pump, maybe she does not believe in giving her child a bottle. How she feeds her child is her right. The judge should have had the sense to let her go.

  • Faith

    Give her child up for adoption? What kind of comment is that. You and the judge are both ignorant men who seem to be clueless about the feeding needs of a baby and a mother’s choice as to how to do it.

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