Food stamp debit cards not working in several states

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Shoppers around the country could not use their EBT food stamp cards because of a computer problem Saturday.

KGAN-TV reported that North Carolina was one of several states impacted and others included Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Maine, Pennsylvania and New York.

Xerox spokeswoman Karen Arena confirmed via email Saturday that some Electronic Benefits Transfer systems are experiencing temporary connectivity issues, according to the Associated Press.

Arena said the company is addressing the issue and the system should be restored soon.

The outage is not related to the government shutdown, said U.S. Department of Agriculture spokeswoman Courtney Rowe.

Xerox runs EBT card systems for 17 states and all were affected by the outage.

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  • Brittany Schonewitz

    What about those of us who haven’t received benefits since July? When will that “system” issue be fixed?

  • crystal

    My husband has worked since he was 15 he is now 39 he got let go from a company after 7 years yes we get benefits yes he has found a job but making almost $6.00 less an yes we still get them never thought we would have to be on foodstamps but we are so dont think for a second it couldnt or wont happen to you..

  • Robert Hunt

    Food stamps should have a expiration date like unemployment. I was on them before, but unlike some people I didn’t see it as a source of permanent income, a lot of people could care less if they are lifetime recipients! A little motivation go’s a long way!

  • billy

    I don’t think they should look like a legitimate form of payment like a credit card. Make them come on a piece of paper with “FOOD STAMPS” across the top. A little shame at the checkout counter is a great motivator.

  • loraine ashe

    For those of you with their snide remarks!You have job’s and allow is going good for you,NOW.Remember what the Lord said!Those who praise themselves will he humbled,and those who humble themselves willing he praised!

    • Annette Chavis

      Thank you so much for knowing the Lord’s word… I just love those who don’t judge because some don’t have it as well as others. And the best way to let them understand that WE are only human and can only do so much is through our Lord and Savior’s word. God Bless you!

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